Dokusho no Susume (読書ノススメ), roughly translated as "Recommended Reading", is one of the songs performed by Japanese two-man unit, COIL. It appears on their tenth album, Vitamin C, which was made for the unit and Augusta Camp's tenth year anniversary.

The song's melody is The Legendary Theme found in Gitaroo-Man. The members commented they wanted to pay tribute to one of their favorite projects during their career by making a lyrical version of this song.


Lyrics, Composition: Sadayoshi Okamoto
Arrangement: Mitsuhiro Yokota
avex entertainment label


空を飛んで 海を渡りで
時を越えて あなたは来るかってくる
唯のような 宝のような
水のように 風のように
光のように あなたはいる 
水のような 風のような
光のような 生きてるような

sora o tonde umi wo watari de
toki o koete anata wa kuru kattekuru
tada no youna takara no youna
fururikotomade anata wa iu
boku ni iu
aa, omae no tame ni sou watashi wa kaita
hoshiinonara itsudemo sukinadake tore
mizu no youni kaze no youni
hikari no youni anata wa iru
soko ni iru
aa, omae no tame ni sou watashi wa kaita
iranunonara ima-sugu moyashiteshimaeyo
aa, omae no tame ni sou watashi wa ikita
shiritainara itsudemo tazuneyou
mizu no youna kaze no youna
hikari no youna ikiteruyouna

After flying through the sky, crossing the oceans,
and transcending through time, you came at last to me
Like I was the sole treasure of your eye,
you looked straight at me and told me
and only to me
Ah, I wrote this just for you
Take any part you like if you want
Because like the water, like the wind,
like the light, you will be there
right here with me
Ah, I wrote this just for you
Burn it right away if you don't want it
Ah, I lived only for you
Ask me any time if you want to know more
As though you were the water, as though you were the wind,
as though you were the light, as though you were alive

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