Dominico Sanchez (KSN3)

Dominico Sanchez is an optional officer in Kessen III. He is an entirely fictional character introduced alongside Amalia van Kyre after the decisive attack on Sakai. He is one of the few officers with any natural skill with rifle units, making him a useful extra officer. He represents the Spanish sailors who came to Japan and enjoyed the splendor of the country.

Role in GameEdit

Sanchez first offers his services to Nobunaga after Attack of Sakai in chapter 4 if his optional recruitment requirement is met. Among Nobunaga’s forces, only Sanchez and Yoshitsugu Otani have a natural proficiency in rifles and remain loyal to Nobunaga throughout the entire campaign, making him a valuable officer to recruit.


  • "I will teach you to look down upon the empire."
  • "My name shall be known throughout these eastern lands."

Fighting StyleEdit

Sanchez’s fighting abilities lie squarely in the realm of firearms, both mounted and foot. He is also a competent katana and spear leader, giving him many possible functions. Despite his rough exterior, he is also a competent strategist. He joins Nobunaga possessing skills primarily focused on recovering from damage and keeping his opponent from reaching or attacking him, augmenting his ability to serve as a subordinate ranged officer.

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