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Domon Kasshu
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Allegiance(s): Shuffle Alliance
180 cm
78 kg
Mobile Suit(s):
GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam
GF13-017NJII Burning Gundam
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Phil Fulton (EN)
Tomokazu Seki (JP)

Domon Kasshu is the protagonist of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He is the King of Hearts in the Shuffle Alliance. Years prior to the story, he was involved in the creation of the Ultimate Gundam, which was said to bring life to the world. But Ulube Ishikawa became infatuated to this mobile suit, and attempted to arrest Kasshu with false evidence. Domon's older brother, Kyoji stole the Dark Gundam which possessed his mind while Ulube murdered their mother Mikino and placed Dr. Raizo Kasshu, their father into suspended animation.

Years later, Domon participated in the Gundam Fight as representative of the Neo Japan in hopes of finding and saving his brother from the Dark Gundam. In the final stages of the Gundam Fight, he has no choice but to kill Kyoji and Schwarz Bruder to stop the Dark Gundam. He dueled with his master, Master Asia and won the tournament. When his lover, Rain Mikamura is captured to be used as the second Dark Gundam life core, Domon declares his love for her and saves her, then destroys the Dark Gundam saving the human race.

Mission ModeEdit

In the first game's Original Mode, Domon investigates the mysterious planet with Milliardo Peacecraft before it crashes into Earth. After fighting the Zeon forces in the Abandoned Ruins, the group chases them to Central City where they walk into an automated defense trap. The Burning Gundam also shows it can defense against a Gundam Hammer with a Burning Finger.

Domon's team find themselves surrounded again at The Hanging Gardens. Puru senses Judau close by. They fend off against an attack by Paptimus. When fighting Judau, Domon attempts to destroy the head of the ZZ Gundam, while explaining the first Gundam Fight International Treat Article. But Judau prevents his head unit's destruction and remains in the fight.



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