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Here is a collection of Dong Zhuo's weapons in the Warriors series.


Dynasty Warriors 3Edit

Broad Sword
Broad Sword (DW3) Weapon Level: 1
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 17
Long Sword
Long Sword (DW3) Weapon Level: 2
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 32
Star Sword
Star Sword (Grand Star) Weapon Level: 3
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 41
Grand Star
Star Sword (Grand Star) Weapon Level: 4
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 41
Lightning (C5) HP Max: 70
Defense: 45 Reach: 25

Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Black Steel
Black Steel (DW3) Weapon Level: 5
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 41
Death (C4) Musou Max: 74
Defense: 45 Mounted Defense: 53
Reach: 29 Arrows: 30

Dynasty Warriors 4Edit

Tyrant Sword
Tyrant Sword (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 4
Level 1 Base Attack: 16
Level 2 Base Attack: 19 (1,000 EXP)
Level 3 Base Attack: 22 (3,000 EXP)
Great Tyrant
Great Tyrant (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 5
Level 4 Base Attack: 26 (6,000 EXP)
Level 5 Base Attack: 29 (10,000 EXP)
Level 6 Base Attack: 32 (15,000 EXP)
Fear (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 7 Base Attack: 41 (21,000 EXP)
Level 8 Base Attack: 44 (28,000 EXP)
Level 9 Base Attack: 47 (36,000 EXP)
Horror (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 10 Base Attack: 57

Level 10 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Lu Bu's Revolt
  • Requirements: Defeat all enemy, except Lu Bu. That include every single solider, gate keaper, officer and Lu Bu's body guard.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Pandemonium Base Attack: 50
Number of Hits: 6
Tiger Amulet: 17 Wing Boots: 14
Horned Helm: 20 Cavalry Armor: 16

Level 11 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: The Ten Eunuchs
  • Requirements: Defeat the Ten Eunuchs with Yuan Shao alive. Achieve a 100 KO count.

Note: Yuan Shao, Yan Liang, and Wen Chou do not matter.

Dynasty Warriors 5Edit

Tyrant Sword
Dongzhuo-dw5weapon1 Weapon Length: 110 cm (3'7")
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 4
Great Tyrant
Dongzhuo-dw5weapon2 Weapon Length: 126 cm (4'2")
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 8
Dongzhuo-dw5weapon3 Weapon Length: 149 cm (4'11")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 12
Dongzhuo-dw5weapon4 Weapon Length: 161 cm (5'3")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 36
Weight: Medium Luck: 17
Mounted: 17 Defense: 15
Attack: 18 Life: 15

Fourth Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Battle of Liang Zhou (Dong Zhuo's Forces)
  • Location: In a crate on the western side of the map.
  • Requirements: After capturing all five of the enemy bases, defeat Ma Chao and Pang De.

Dynasty Warriors 6Edit

Dongzhuo-dw6weapon Wizard Club
Weapon Type: Standard
Magus Club
Weapon Type: Strength
Augur Club
Weapon Type: Skill

Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceEdit

Dong Zhuo uses cudgels as his main weapon in the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7Edit

Dong Zhuo uses the flail as his default weapon in the game. But starting in Dynasty Warriors Next, his new weapon of choice is the bomb.

Dynasty Warriors NextEdit

Clay Bomb
Bomb - 1st Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 30+
Number of Hits: 4~5
Shard Bomb
Bomb - 2nd Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 40+
Number of Hits: 5~6
Typhoon Grenade
Bomb - 3rd Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 50+
Number of Hits: 6

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

Dong Zhuo still uses the bomb as his default weapon in this title.

Warriors OrochiEdit

Tyrant Sword
1st Weapon - Dong Zhuo (WO) Weapon Level: 1
Base Attack: 11
Great Tyrant
2nd Weapon - Dong Zhuo (WO) Weapon Level: 2
Base Attack: 22
3rd Weapon - Dong Zhuo (WO) Weapon Level: 3
Base Attack: 44
4th Weapon - Dong Zhuo (WO) Weapon Level: 4
Base Attack: 89

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

Clay Bomb
1-Star Weapon - Clay Bomb Base Attack: 9
Compatibility Bonus: 7
Shard Bomb
2-Star Weapon - Shard Bomb Base Attack: 13
Compatibility Bonus: 11
Dragon Shredders
3-Star Weapon - Dragon Shredders Base Attack: 23
Compatibility Bonus: 14
Apocalyptic Blast
4-Star Weapon - Apocalyptic Blast Base Attack: 39
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Big Star WeaponsEdit

Dong Zhuo uses the following big star weapons in the game.

  • Destructive Blast
  • Dumpling Bomb
  • Takoyaki (DLC)

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

Apocalyptic Blast X
4-Star Weapon - Apocalyptic Blast Base Attack: 77
Compatibility Bonus: 18
Mystic Shards
Mystic Weapon - Dong Zhuo (WO3U) Base Attack: 70
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Acquiring Mystic WeaponEdit

  • Stage: Chapter 6 - Intrigue at Xuchang (including Mirror version)
  • Requirements: Defeat Goemon Ishikawa and 800 enemies in under 10 minutes.

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