Battle of Dongkou
Dongkou (WO3)
Date Autumn ~ Winter 222
Location Dongkou, Yang Province (present-day Dongkou County, Hunan)
Result Wu Pyrrhic Victory
Wu Wei
Lu Fan Cao Xiu

The Battle of Dongkou (洞口の戦い, Tōkō no Tatakai) is a battle where Cao Pi led a three-pronged assault on Wu's borders hoping that they were still resting after the Battle of Yiling. Thanks to continuous stream of reinforcements, the defenders held out long enough for the Wei forces to retreat.

In the novel, Ding Feng is able to kill Zhang Liao here.

Role in GamesEdit

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

In Dynasty Warriors 7, the battle of Dongkou is fought by Wu shortly after the battle of Yiling, where the Shu forces had been turned back with great losses. The battle is fought in two separate stages. First, the southern shore must be held whole defeating Wei officers and sinking their ships with catapult fire. After driving them off, Sun Quan orders an all out advance across the river. He immediately boards a ship with Ding Feng and Lian Shi to lead the crossing. Upon nearing the northern shore, Zhang Liao leaps aboard Sun Quan's lead ship and engages him in battle. He is defeated and with the help of Ding Feng and Lian Shi, Sun Quan is able to kill Zhang Liao.

The second part of the invasion follows the assault on the northern fortress currently held by Cao Pi. Both a boulder attack led by Cao Xiu and a flaming version of said trap by Jia Xu must be overcome as well. Adding to the chaos, two waves of reinforcements arrive, each targeting one of Sun Quan's key officers. He must help them defeat these forces, symbolically demonstrating his support his fellow friends and family. Once eliminated, only Cao Pi remains. His defeat ends the battle in Wu's favor.

Warriors OrochiEdit

Dongkou appears twice in Warriors Orochi 3. The first time is when Hanbei Takenaka travels back to his past to stay at Dongkou and save Deng Ai, Xu Huang, and Kanbei Kuroda. After fighting against his forces, which include Huang Gai and Ginchiyo Tachibana, Jia Xu becomes aware of his error when the demon army arrives to destroy both armies. Hanbei convinces Jia Xu to join them in their efforts and together, they drive off Himiko and Da Ji.

The second battle at Dongkou is a rescue mission led by Kai, Yoshihiro Shimazu, and Sun Shangxiang. This time the Resistance Army comes to save several samurai officers including Munenori Yagyū and Shigetaka Togo. Their rescue allows them to reinforce Musashi Miyamoto's defense at Odawara Castle, ensuring his survival.

In Ultimate, Sanzang, Diaochan, and Zhou Yu enter the area to try and stop Kyūbi. Although Kyūbi escapes, the Coalition is able to considerably weaken her by defeating her clones and they pursue her to her final hideout at Odawara Castle.

Historical InformationEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

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