Battle of Dongxing
Dongxing (DW7)
Date Winter 252
Location Dongxing, Yang Province (modern day Chaohu City, Anhui)
Result Wu successfully repels Wei; the latter takes heavy losses and is forced to retreat.
Wei Wu
Zhuge Dan Zhuge Ke

The Battle of Dongxing (東興の戦い, rōmaji: Tōkō no Tatakai) is a new battle in Dynasty Warriors 7. Historically, it was an area that Zhuge Dan tried to capture in order to have a strong position to assault Jianye.

Role in the GameEdit

The battle recycles the Wu Territory map from Dynasty Warriors 6 and consists of two halves in Dynasty Warriors 7. The first half is played from Zhuge Dan's point of view as he tries to capture two enemy castles at once. Nearing the western castle, Zhuge Dan's regiment encounters a fire attack and ambush party. Wu reinforcements will also appear to strike the undermanned main camp. Once the western castle is surrounded, Zhuge Dan will then proceed to head towards the eastern castle via the bridge. Ding Feng destroys the bridge leaving Zhuge Dan isolated. The second half of the battle focuses on Wang Yuanji as she moves forth to recuse all allies on the battlefield. She and Sima Zhao first head to the western castle to save the Wei units there from Ding Feng's unit. Wang Yuanji then moves east to bail out Zhuge Dan which causes Sima Zhao a full scale retreat to the southwest. Wu reinforcements appear all over the battlefield to hunt down the Wei forces while Lian Shi and Zhuge Ke block the escape point and will need to be defeated to finish the battle.

In Dynasty Warriors 8, It is called "East Gates Battle" and uses the same map as "Wujun". Moving out from the main camp Sima Zhao, Wang Yuanji, Zhuge Dan, Jia Chong, and Xiahou Ba (who will appear if the player kept him from joining Shu) confront Wu's frontline troops just north of the western garrison. When the enemy retreats suspiciously, Sima Zhao decides to lead a unit east while Zhuge Dan carries out the pursuit on his own. Both groups encounter ambushes as they make their way to the enemy main camp and make the tough choice to retreat after regrouping together. The Wei army breaks through Ding Feng's fire attack and the main unit led by Lianshi and Zhuge Ke to get to the escape point. If least at least one ally officer is defeated, Zhuge Dan blames it on Sima Zhao and Jia Chong advises not to trust the former lightly. Should all ally officers make it to safety, it will unlock the battle of Hefei Castle.

Historical InformationEdit

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