Character Information
Allegiance(s): Arba
Voice Actor(s):
Stephen Critchlow (EN)
Banjo Ginga (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Original character.

King Doric (ディルク, Dirk) is one of the main support characters in Dragon Quest Heroes.

Role in GameEdit

Doric is the king of Arba and lord of the world tree. When the monsters threaten his countrymen, he steps down from his throne to join the fray.

Character InformationEdit


Ginga previously acted as a king in the Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken animated adaptation, but he was directed to add warmth into his other king role. He commented that Doric is an imposing king who is like a warm father for his countrymen.


He is a confident and brazen ruler.


  • "Ahh, this arid wind! This searing sunshine! Takes me back to my tournament days!"
  • "But of course!"
  • "Sing for joy, friends! Victory is ours!"
  • "RRRRAHAHAHAAAA! Onward and upward!"


Keys Square Attack 1 • Tri Attack 2Circle Skill/MagicX Jump
Square,Square,Square,Square: King's Combo: Swings the mace left, then right, then diagonally left, then hops spinning the mace and swings it right.
Tri, Tri: Whirly Burly: Spins using his mace like a pole kicking around, then flies forward kicking several enemies.
Tri (Hold): Keepie-Uppie: Jumps into the air doing two kicks.
Mid-Air Square,Square:
Mid-Air Tri (Hold): Mace spin
Circle:Royal Rumble: Doric spins his mace around himself, then imbues his right fist with energy, then punches the ground, causing a massive quake that gives heavy damage.


R1 (Hold) + Square: Crushed Ice: Doric imbues his mace with ice, then swings his mace four times while freezing enemies. Costs 8 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Tri: Deliverance: Doric spins his mace, then sends out an orb. It then opens a portal, sucking in enemies. Costs 10 MP.
R1 (Hold) + Circle: Royal Wrath: Doric sends down a meteorite. When it hits, it causes smaller meteorites to fall down on enemies. Costs 16 MP.
R1 (Hold) + X: Vimstone: Doric pulls out a stone and it increases his speed. Costs 15 MP.

Passive Abilities Edit

Fighting StyleEdit

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