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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Dracule Mihawk.

One Piece Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "Is it your courage or your ignorance that causes you to raise a sword against me?"
  • "What do you seek beyond the edge of strength?"
  • "I am merely an observer. I can't get deeply involved."
  • "This oughta kill some time. I'll join in here."
  • "Try to overcome me."
  • "I will never restrain my powers."
  • "Enough nonsense. You are making my ears bleed."
  • "In range, mmm? What to do..."
  • "I'll take this land!"
  • "Defeat as many as you like. It has nothing to do with me."
  • "The world is far vaster than you have ever realized."
  • "If that makes you happy, you are a weakling indeed."
  • "You stopped it... Impressive."
  • "Let me see what kind of power you have now."
  • "I hope we meet again."
  • "This has been fun enough. Time to return home and rest."

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "My name is Dracule Mihawk! You must challenge me if you wish to be considered the strongest!"
  • "It is impossible to run away from this black blade."
  • "This battle should kill some time."
  • "If there is something that you want, why not challenge me?"
  • "I suppose I shall participate."
  • "These weaklings are not even good for passing the time."
  • "How bothersome. I can hear you even though you are not shouting."
  • "Futile."
  • "This power cannot be restrained..."
  • "I'll take this."
  • "I'll be taking this land."
  • "I have no use for such useless people."
  • "Boring... You are nothing more than a hassle."
  • "Time is precious. Allow me to act a little rough."
  • "The strongest black blade and the swordsmanship... This is why I am the swordsman with no peer."
  • "It is futile... You do not seem to understand the difference in our abilities."
  • "Not retreating? ... If that is the case, observe the etiquette of the swordsman. Now be submerged into the Black Blade Night!"
  • "Having such a weak opponent bores me."
  • "Well then, now I control this."
  • "I'll be wanting to see you once more..."
  • "Hehe... How fragile."
  • "Hehe... Interesting."
  • "You need to become stronger if you wish to challenge me again."
  • "Hmm... There is no chance that I will lose."
  • "I wonder if there is a more worthy opponent?"
  • "These weaklings are not even good for passing the time."
  • "Capture complete... Were they even intending on defending it?"
  • "A sword without weakness cannot be strong."
  • "Victory is mine."
  • "Pitiful weaklings. If they realized how powerless they were, they would know it is best to flee."
  • "You frogs croaking from within your wells, it would behoove you to know the vastness of the world."
  • "Well, I witnessed something very interesting. I have no more use for this battlefield."
  • "If you think you can defeat me, I shall have to humble you."
  • "I will go home and sleep."

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