Leen (left), a Fire Dragon, and Rouki (right), a Water Dragon.

Not to be confused with the Twin Dragon Gods, the White and Black Dragons, from Haruka's lore.

Dragons (龍族, ryūzoku), alternatively translated as "Dragon Tribe" or "Dragon Clan", refers to a mystical humanoid race in the Angelique and Neo Angelique series. Distinguishing features for them are the gems on their foreheads and the reptilian fins protruding from their head or shoulders. They are a harmonious species who live in the Sacred Bird Cosmos and Arcadia.

Long ago, the Dragons were split into two different groups: the Water Dragon (水龍族) and Fire Dragons (火龍族). Prejudice against one another and proud of their traits, they were dreaded enemies for many centuries. One day, the elders' children, Pastha of the Water Dragons and Sara of the Fire Dragons, fell in love. The lovers eloped and left their home to serve the Queen. Before the "great exodus" commenced, they returned to their home and directed their people to safety. As the heroes of their home, the two rivals at last joined arms in peace and gave their blessings to lovers. The tale of their once forbidden love was stitched into legends and lives on forever in the hearts of their people.

Powers and Other TraitsEdit

Fire Dragons are capable oracles. They have superior foresight and possess the mystical power to accurately read a person's heart. Anyone who uses their magical charms —which they dub "Lovelove Flash" (ラブラブフラッシュ)— is guaranteed to see a change in their personal relationships. Red fins and tan skin are common amongst them. While all dragons are taller than an average human, male Fire Dragons are especially reputed giants in adulthood.

Water Dragons excel in intelligence and observation. With their sharp minds and eyes, they can learn any subject given to them with ease. They often become reputed researchers whom commit no error in their analyses. Blue fins and pale complexions are key characteristics that they often share. Male Water Dragons are said to be particularly proud and stoic yet calmer than their counterparts.

Neo Angelique has the Dragons continuing to coexist together. Their hometown on the main continent is Coz (コズ), a quaint village lying near the land's southern beaches. It is a prosperous resort town which is not heavily involved with The Foundation and The Order's conflict. Elders often stay at the heart of Coz to help with the yearly harvests or fishing market. The young and hopeful tend to wander to the two capitals to make a name for themselves.

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