Dragon Quest Heroes
DQH US Cover
Developer(s): Armor Project, Bird Studio, Omega Force
Publisher(s): Square-Enix
Release Date: Flag of Japan: February 26, 2015
Flag of Republic of China: June 4, 2015
Korea: June 4, 2015
Flag of the United States.svg: October 13, 2015
European flag: October 16, 2015
December 3, 2015
Genre: Action role-playing game
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO: CERO B Rating
PEGI: PEGI 12 Rating
ESRB: Rating US-Teen
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 (JP only),
PlayStation 4, PC (Steam)

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below (ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ 闇竜と世界樹の城, Doragon Kuesuto Hīrōzu Yami Ryū to Sekaiju no Shiro, subtitle translated as "Dragon of Darkness and Castle of the World Tree") is the fifth third party Omega Force collaboration. It is also the first Japanese Dragon Quest title to be named Heroes, the first Dragon Quest to be localized in Taiwan, and the first Dragon Quest to be available on Steam.

It was first revealed to the public at the end of SCEJA Press Conference 2014. Early news announcements for the game were made in Weekly Shonen Jump magazines. It has sold over one million copies in Asia.

Direction and production is handled by Square-Enix, and gameplay is being done by Omega Force. Yuji Horii is the general director, Akira Toriyama is the character designer, and Koichi Sugiyama is music composer. The Square-Enix producer is Ryota Aomi. Tomohiko Sho is the Koei-Tecmo director and Kenichi Ogasawara is the Koei-Tecmo producer.

The particular Omega Force members assigned to this project have worked on Warriors games and Toukiden; Horii added that they are Dragon Quest fans who offered several creative suggestions to the Dragon Quest creators. According to Horii, the concept began when Square-Enix executives wanted an action adaptation of the Enix series for its return to the PS consoles; it is a game to tide fans over for the wait for Dragon Quest XI. Kou Shibusawa remarked that it is a dream title for both publishers. The general goal for this title was to make an easy game that anyone can enjoy without having to read the manual.

Buy the game new to receive Dragon Quest protagonist costumes for Act and Mar. Various weapon serial codes are available if the game is purchased from a particular Japanese store. The PS4 Metal Slime edition (December 11, 2014) includes an original downloadable theme based on this game and a Dragon Quest III protagonist costume code for the main protagonists. Purchase the PS4 version of this title with the PS4 port of Final Fantasy Reishiki HD for a chance to receive a limited time PS4 cover and theme.

This game has a derivative sequel called Dragon Quest Heroes II.


The setting is the peaceful country Elsaize. People and monsters lived in harmony until the monsters mysteriously went berserk. Humanity is surrounded by the monster armies and use anything they can to survive. The nefarious Helmut schemes to plunge the world into darkness.


For the main narrative, players can choose either Act or Mar to be their main protagonist. The world map includes kingdoms besides Elsaize, and the scenario is split to accommodate each kingdom's perspective of the story. Hover the pointer over each location to access its available battles.

The airship Batoshie acts as the player's base in between combat. It has the following facilities for the main party:

  • Blacksmith - Run by regular Dragon Quest blacksmith; standard place to purchase and enhance weapons.
  • Armor Orb Shop - Boost equipment attributes using Armor Orbs.
  • Luida's Bar - Place for personal events and to switch characters in main party. Four members is the maximum capacity for each party. Defeated monsters can join the party after the team has collected their coin; one monster of each type can be summoned and they can only be allies within the same area they were defeated.
  • Alchemy Pot - Dragon Quest standard; grants ability to fuse items and weapons for a new creation. Accessories can be gained from it. Known recipes will be saved for later use.

Battle controls and gameflow resembles most Warriors titles with normal attacks dubbed "Attack 1" and charge attacks are named "Attack 2". Jumping (X) and dodging (R2) are two separate commands. Similar to the One Piece titles, button combos for movesets are unique to each character. Health is measured by visual number counters and experience levels up characters in real time. Leveling up unlocks skills which characters can learn if they have enough levels and skill points; each character is unique.

The player is limited to controlling one character at a time, but they can switch between characters at whim (L2). If a character runs out of health, another party member can raise them if they are adjacent to one another. Restorative items can be used instantly in combat by using the directional pad (select: ← or →; use: ↑). R3 can lock-on to targets.

Characters can use multiple special abilities/magic (R1 + X or Square or Tri or Circle) which are callbacks to Dragon Quest moves. They deplete Mana Points (MP) to use and cannot be performed unless the player has the proper amount of MP. MP naturally regenerates over time. Additional techniques can be learned by leveling up and using skill points. Players can swap the two R triggers if they are having trouble using their respective commands.

A character builds "Tension" while dealing or suffering damage or picking up a battlefield item for it. Once it peaks into "Super High Tension", the character begins to glow a pinkish hue. Characters temporarily become invincible, gain the ability to double jump, and have altered actions. Press Circle while they are in this state to end their hyper state and perform their Finishing Blow.

Dragon Quest monsters and humans serve as enemies. Giant monsters have unique attributes, stage gimmicks, and weak points to separate them from the mobs. Characters are fully voiced in battle and cutscenes.

Downloadable content so far includes battles with previous Dragon Quest villains and character centric sub stories for the returning Dragon Quest characters.


Absent Dragon Quest protagonists will cameo as alternate costumes for the playable cast.

Main PartyEdit



Icon Name Unlock Method Type
DQH Trophy Living Legend Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
DQH Trophy 2 World Guardian Slay the Dark Dragon Shamuda and restore peace to the land. Gold
DQH Trophy 3 Best of the Best All party members must be at level 50. Gold
DQH Trophy 4 Monster Hunter Meet every monster and defeat them. Silver
DQH Trophy 5 Monster Collector Meet every monster and turn applicable party members into allies. Silver
DQH Trophy 6 Ingredient Master Get all the ingredients. Silver
DQH Trophy 7 Equipment Master Acquire all of the equipment. Silver
DQH Trophy 8 Accessory Master Obtain every accessory. Silver
DQH Trophy 9 Quest Master Complete every quest. Silver
DQH Trophy 10 Strongest of the Strong Defeat all strengthened enemies. Silver
DQH Trophy 11 Alchemy Maniac Successfully create 100 accessories from the Alchemy Pot. Silver
DQH Trophy 12 Bourgeois Commander Accumulate half a million gold. Silver
DQH Trophy 13 Medal Maniac Collect 200 sheets of small slime. Silver
DQH Trophy 14 Puff Puff Master All party members must be puff-puff'd. Silver
DQH Trophy 15 Start of a New Recruit Pass the basic battle tutorial. Bronze
DQH Trophy 16 Elsaize's Bodyguard Slay the Dragon around the castle. Bronze
DQH Trophy 17 Messiah of Courtluda Defeat the Gigantes in the town. Bronze
DQH Trophy 18 Benefactor of Labtor Protect the residents from the monster in the arena. Bronze
DQH Trophy 19 Hero of Syla Save the elves at Syla. Bronze
DQH Trophy 20 Liberator of Dwadkia Save the dwarves at Dwadkia. Bronze
DQH Trophy 21 Glimpse of Darkness Defend the World Tree from the monster swarm. Bronze
DQH Trophy 22 Goddess Revelations Receive the Goddess Revelations at the Tower of Light. Bronze
DQH Trophy 23 Light Power Blessings Earn the Divine Light Power at the bottom of the ocean. Bronze
DQH Trophy 24 Spirit Tree Blessings Retrieve the Sacred Drop at Primordial Village. Bronze
DQH Trophy 25 Savior of the World Tree Give the Sacred Drop to the World Tree. Bronze
DQH Trophy 26 Face the Darkness Beat Helmut at Dimension Island. Bronze
DQH Trophy 27 Monster Slayer Defeat loads of monsters. Bronze
DQH Trophy 28 Monster Lover Make loads of monsters party allies. Bronze
DQH Trophy 29 Ingredient Maniac Find several ingredients. Bronze
DQH Trophy 30 Equipment Maniac Acquire a lot of equipment. Bronze
DQH Trophy 31 Accessory Maniac Obtain many accessories. Bronze
DQH Trophy 32 Quest Maniac Complete many quests. Bronze
DQH Trophy 33 Monster Killer Defeat over 10,000 monsters. Bronze
DQH Trophy 34 Training Champ Win 50 shrine battles written on treasure maps. Bronze
DQH Trophy 35 Alchemy Challenger Pop out a failed project from the Alchemy Pot. Bronze
DQH Trophy 36 Alchemy Specialist Successfully create an accessory with the Alchemy Pot. Bronze
DQH Trophy 37 Monster Tamer Increase maximum capacity for Monster Slots. Bronze
DQH Trophy 38 Ingredients Collector Increase maximum capacity for ingredients. Bronze
DQH Trophy 39 Equipment Collector Increase maximum capacity for equipment. Bronze
DQH Trophy 40 Recovery Master Reach maximum capacity for Hoimi Stones. Bronze
DQH Trophy 41 Psyche Up Enter a Super High Tension state with any character. Bronze
DQH Trophy 42 Critical Expert Deliver 100 critical hits. Bronze
DQH Trophy 43 Abilities Master Perform special abilities or magic 1,000 times. Bronze
DQH Trophy 44 Killing Master Do the killing blows for all party members. Bronze
DQH Trophy 45 Veteran Swordsman Achieve over 30 hours of play time. Bronze
DQH Trophy 46 Combo Master Make a combo that is more than 300 hits. Bronze
DQH Trophy 47 Zoom Master Use Zoom spell to find over 40 different locations. Bronze
DQH Trophy 48 Metal Slime Master Defeat a Metal Slime. Bronze
DQH Trophy 49 Liquid Metal Slime Master Defeat a Liquid Metal Slime. Bronze
DQH Trophy 50 King Metal Slime Master Defeat a King Metal Slime. Bronze

Differences between portsEdit

  • A packaged port of the game and its sequel will be released for the Switch on March 3, 2017. It is said to feature improved gameplay functions as well as additional characters and enemies.

Related MediaEdit

The producer is scheduled to present details and demonstrate gameplay for Sony PlayStation's Yuohsen presentations (September 18, 12:00~12:30 JST and September 20, 16:00~16:30 JST) and Square-Enix's Square-Enix Stage Live (September 18, 13:15~13:45 JST) at Tokyo Game Show 2014. Dengeki Online held a follow up interview with Aomi.

The latest information for the game is scheduled to be broadcast on Niconico Live October 10, 21:00 (JST) and October 28, 16:00 (JST). Shoko Nakagawa (Alena) wore a costume of her character and will continuing wearing the same outfit while co-hosting Ametaaaalk's ongoing Dragon Quest Geinin segments.

A play test booth and a fully voiced promotional video will be shown at Jump Festa 2015. Horii, Aomi, Ogasawara, and Eir Aoi presented the game on stage December 21.

Three consumers who consecutively purchase Volumes 580~583 of Dengeki PlayStation can follow the steps for their present campaign and have a chance to win the Metal Slime edition. To celebrate the game's sales date, PlayStation Japan is hosting a marketing gimmick at Shinjiku. Participants are encouraged to press down on the special puffy 100,000 slime mural. Staff members will count the results and report them online on the campaign site. If all the slime are defeated, a special reward is promised for players.

Lawson hosted a lottery campaign typical with the latest Dragon Quest titles for this game January 2015. Character memopads can be received at Lawson stores in February. Buying either the game or any item for the lottery will play the Dragon Quest level up sound effect at the store register. Dragon Quest Heroes Alena and Terry figurines are two of the known prizes. A Homiron push doll is available for purchase.

Rakuten Books is hosting a giveaway for its userbase. Rakuten users can bet on a specific slime and purchase the game from them for a chance to receive 10 Super Coins.

Square-Enix is hosting a movie and screenshot contest for players. Submissions must fit a selected theme to be considered and are being judged by Aomi, Ogsawara, and V Jump's Saito V. Winners receive autographed merchandise. Three winners can receive an additional Homiron Slime memorial figurine.



  • Luida's Bar is a recurring Dragon Quest location and an actual Square-Enix sponsored bar in Tokyo.

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