Downloadable content outside of store or book purchases are free of charge. All sub-story DLC is included on-disk for the game's western release.

Metal Slime Edition BonusesEdit

Aside from receiving a ticket for the downloadable edition of the game, consumers can receive its PS4 theme and the early reservation costumes.

Early Reservation CodeEdit

Purchase the game new or reserve the downloadable edition early to receive the Dragon Quest III costumes for Act and Mar.

Store Exclusive CodesEdit

Reserve or purchase the game at a specific outlet to receive Slime themed weaponry.

V Jump Guidebook CodesEdit

Purchase V Jump's first guidebook (Dragon Quest Heroes Yami Ryu to Sekaiju no Shiro Eiyuu no Shou) to receive a Slime Whip for Jessica and the Buoi Map. The map leads players directly to a Pink Pearl Ring, an accessory which can increase rate of the gold acquisition.

Battle and Sub Story 1Edit

Clearing the DLC Arena Battle will unlock Alena's original costume. The sub-story will also unlock alternate colored costumes for Alena and Kiryl.

Battle and Sub Story 2Edit

Clearing the quest 'A Monstrous Apparition' will unlock Psaro as a playable character. Clearing this sub-scenario will also unlock alternate colored costumes for Jessica and Yangus.

Battle and Sub Story 3Edit

God of Destruction and Massacre Battle is a fight against Nokturnus, the super boss in Dragon Quest VI. Clear Terry's story to unlock an alternate outfit for him.

Battle and Sub Story 4Edit

Giant Demon Beast Battle is a fight against Bjørn, a boss in Dragon Quest V. Clear Bianca and Nera's sub story to unlock alternate outfits for them.

Battle and Sub Story 5Edit

Great Demon King Battle is a fight against Zoma, the final boss in Dragon Quest III. Clear Maya's story to unlock an alternate outfit for her.

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