Playable ClassesEdit

Class Description
Fighter (DGN) Fighter Has high strength and defense. Can wield all kinds of protective equipment.
Magician (DGN) Magician Can cast every spell available, but low health makes this class vulnerable to attacks.
Pilgrim (DGN) Pilgrim Average in terms of stats and abilities, this class is given preferential treatment in temples.
Thief (DGN) Thief Specializes in stealing items. Has the highest dexterity among the other classes.
Ninja (DGN) Ninja Gifted with speed and moderate durability, it can dodge enemy attacks with ease.


  • Stamina - Indicates the player's overall health. The game ends if stamina is depleted.
  • Strength - Indicates the player's physical attack power.
  • Speed - Indicates the player's prowess in evading attacks.
  • Dexterity - Indicates the player's success rate in stealing or casting spells.
  • Charisma - Indicates the player's ability to interact with townsfolk.


  • Attack (A) - Challenge an approaching enemy.
  • Cast (C) - Cast prepared spell.
  • Drop (D) - Discard equipped weapon.
  • Enter (E) - Enter underground dungeon on the map.
  • Get (G) - Pick up item dropped by an enemy.
  • Inventory (I) - Open the status screen.
  • Out (O) - Leave underground dungeon when near an exit.
  • Ready (R) - Change equipment and spells.
  • Steal (S) - Steal from townsfolk. Has a chance of sending the player to prison instead.
  • Transact (T) - Strike up a conversation with townsfolk and monsters.
  • Pallet (P) - Adjust palette options for monitor.
  • Exchange (E) - Change places with a dummy character.


Weapon Price
Dagger 30
Pike 80
Axe 1,000
Sword 2,000
Dragon Slayer 800

Armor Price Class Usage
Linen Cloth 50 All Classes
Leather Suit 200 All Classes
Chain Mail 1,000 Fighter, Thief, Ninja
Shield 2,000 Fighter, Thief
Iron Plate 5,000 Fighter


* spell is only available in the PC-8801 version.
Spell Cost Class Usage Description
Light (L) 100 All Classes Search for nearby traps.
Hit (H) 5,000 Magician, Pilgrim Damage enemy in proportion to player's level.
Recovery (R) 7,500 Magician Restore health in proportion to player's level.
Search (S) 300 All Classes Displays coordinates of entrance to El Dorado.
Teleport (T) 10,000 Magician, Pilgrim, Ninja Teleport back to a dungeon's first floor.
Change * (X) 10,000 All Classes Swap places with a dummy character.


* data from the PC-8001 version is highlighted in red.

Wolf Kobold Goblin
Mammal (DGN) Health: 5/6 Demon (DGN) Health: 6/7 Demon (DGN) Health: 8/9
Experience: 1 Experience: 2 Experience: 2
Ghoul Orc Bandit
Demon (DGN) Health: 8/9 Demon (DGN) Health: 12/13 Human (DGN) Health: 25/28
Experience: 2 Experience: 3 Experience: 3
Giant Snake Evil Priest Evil Treant
Snake (DGN) Health: 30/33 Human (DGN) Health: 35/39 Human (DGN) Health: 35/39
Experience: 8 Experience: 12 Experience: 3
Black Knight Troll Bear
Human (DGN) Health: 40/44 Demon (DGN) Health: 50/55 Mammal (DGN) Health: 80/88
Experience: 10 Experience: 13 Experience: 18

Green Slime Giant Bat
Green Slime (DGN) Health: 30/24 Giant Bat (DGN) Health: 40/48
Experience: 5 Experience: 8
Drop: None Drop: None
Ogre Wight
Ogre (DGN) Health: 60 Wight (DGN) Health: 72
Experience: Experience:
Drop: None Drop: None
Giant Scorpion Skeleton
Giant Scorpion (DGN) Health: 60/72 Skeleton (DGN) Health: 80/60
Experience: 10 Experience: 12
Drop: Axe Drop: Sword
Roper Giant Spider
Roper (DGN) Health: 40/78 Giant Spider (DGN) Health: 50/60
Experience: 16 Experience: 8
Drop: None Drop: None
Ghost Mind Flayer
Ghost (DGN) Health: 135/84 Mind Flayer (DGN) Health: 156
Experience: 12 Experience:
Drop: Sword Drop: None
Minotaur Gargoyle
Minotaur (DGN) Health: 100/130 Gargoyle (DGN) Health: 85
Experience: 60 Experience:
Drop: Axe Drop: None
Salamander Succubus
Salamander (DGN) Health: 120/210 Succubus (DGN) Health: 120/84
Experience: 40 Experience:
Drop: Dragon Slayer Drop: El Dorado Ring
Flesh Golem Chimera
Flesh Golem (DGN) Health: 280 Chimera (DGN) Health: 200/300
Experience: Experience: 200
Drop: None Drop: Silver Sword
Shambling Mound Frost Giant
Shambling Mound (DGN) Health: 450 Frost Giant (DGN) Health: 225
Experience: Experience:
Drop: None Drop: None
Greater Devil Demogorgon
Greater Devil (DGN) Health: 288 Demogorgon (DGN) Health: 448
Experience: Experience:
Drop: None Drop: None
Dragon (DGN) Health: 300/480
Experience: 500
Drop: Gold Armor

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