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Quest Pack 1Edit

Combines the first and second PSP Quest Packs. Martial Contest 1 is PS3 Only.

  • Battle of Tong Gate: The feared army of Cao Cao has invaded Xi Liang. Assist Ma Chao, who stands facing his family's enemy, and stop the advance of Cao Caos army.
  • Defense of Nan Zhong: The allied armies of Wei, Wu and Shu have converged on Nan Zhong. Evade the schemes of their strategists Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi and Zhou Yu, and, together with the king of Nan Zhong, Meng Huo, face the allied forces.
  • Martial Contest 1: A contest to determine the strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. Your opponents in the first round will be the young men of valor, Zhao Yun, Guan Ping and Lu Xun.

Quest Pack 2Edit

Combines the third and fourth PSP Quest Packs. Martial Contest 2 is PS3 Only.

  • Battle of Ru Xu Kou: Wu's Sun Quan stands at the strategic point, Ru Xu Kou. Avoid the Wu army's ambush and bring Victory to Wei.
  • Linked Chains Plan: The tyrannical Dong Zhuo and the raging Lu Bu. through royal personage, Diao Chan's Linked chains Plan, seize the opportunity to drive them apart and destroy them.
  • Martial Contest 2: A contest to determine the strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. Defeat the three men of valor, Ling Tong, Cao Pi and Zhang He.

Quest Pack 3Edit

Combines the fifth and sixth PSP Quest Packs. Martial Contest 3 is PS3 Only.

  • Defense of Yi: Liu Bei of Shu has attacked the area in order to secure a main base. Assist the governor of Yi, Liu Zhang, and defeat the Shu forces.
  • Battle of Tong Gate: Assist the Wei army in its fight against Ma Chao, who has assembled a large force at Xi Liang. Han Sui, who is serving under Ma Chao, and Cao Cao are old acquaintances. Use this to gain victory.
  • Martial Contest 3: A contest to determine the strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. Defeat the four men of valor, Xiahou Dun, Guan Yu, Lu Meng and Sun Jian.

Quest Pack 4Edit

Combines the seventh and eighth PSP Quest Packs. Wei Defense is PS3 Only.

  • Turban Fortress Defense: The allied armies of Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei and Yuan Shao have converged on the Yellow Turban fortress. Take orders from the Yellow Turban leader, Zhang Jiao, and defend the fortress from the allies.
  • Battle of Jiang Ling: Zhou Yu has ordered that the strategic point, Jiang Ling, be taken back from the Wei army. Disrupt the coordination between Wei's famous generals, Xu Huang and Cao Ren, and seize victory.
  • Wei Defense: Sima Yi, genius of Wei, is plotting a rebellion. Take orders from Cao Cao and strike Sima Yi to put an end to his ambition.

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