Tips and HintsEdit

Chi - For Maximum damage, use the Chi:

  1. Aero+ -- As most officer battles take place in the air, this gives a slight advantage
  2. Anthrostrike+ -- This increases the damage to people, which also gives a slight advantage
  3. Fury Armour—This makes sure that every hit counts, almost like you have hyperbreak, however this does decrease your fury limit
  4. Control++ -- This balances out the Fury Amour and increases your fury limit
  • Weapons - Follow these instructions to increase your damage output to max:
  1. Talk to the blacksmith and select "Strengthen Weapon"
  2. Make sure the weapon you are upgrading is 5 stars
  3. Scroll down to your equipped weapon and press Y to change it the power setting, you should see a red symbol next to its name
  4. You should only be able to put on 6 upgrades to your weapon.
  5. Put on your weapon: Attack, Defence, Hit, Fury Attack, Power Attack, Regular Attack
  6. Make sure all of these abilities are 25 ( this requires a lot of items, but it is worth it)
  7. Then when your done, equip the weapon and change it to power mode and your weapon should have about 500 damage (below or above)
  8. Then use the tempo orb+ (Combo 20) and equip it to your weapon
  • Make sure to buy these items before you go into battle (You will need the market to be level 5)
  1. Dim sum and Dim sum+
  2. Peach++
  3. Zen Elixer +
  4. Panacea +

Using the legend Ling TongEdit

Leveling up -- Go online with a friend who is level 50 and select the legend of Ling Tong. Gan Ning should reappear many times. Ask your friend to kill Gan Ning over and over. Make sure it is only 2 players or the exp will decrease. This should give out 2500 exp to both players.
Increasing Stats -- Trade your level 50 officer online and select the traded officer as an ally in single mode, then select the ling tong legend with only the 1 allied officer. Order him to fight the troops. Then, continuously kill Gan Ning. Your officers stats should increase by 2 for every 500 exp he gains. Your traded officer will not receive any of this exp and it will go straight to your officers stats.

Using the Bandit Trap (High Difficulty)Edit

Weapon skill points -- Equip Charge++ and buy 5 hero tomes+. Then when inside the battle select the weapon you want skill points for and continuously dash the troops using the hero tomes power. You should get about 250 kills per hero tome. You should have about 1000 kills by the end. For every 50 kills you receive one weapon skill point.

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