Realms are a new function introduced in the latest patch of Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. By cultivating an area for their officer avatar, players gain a variety of passive buffs to aid them in battle. These effects extend to friends in Campaign and Divination, though they do not apply to defensive teams in Arena or War Supply.

The materials used for cultivation are acquired by sanctifying high-ranking officers for Crystal Souls. There is a chance that cultivating a realm might fail, resulting in a level penalty. Increasing the success rate is possible by using motifs. Level penalties can be undone with Guardian Herbs, though their usage is restricted depending on the player's realm level.

There are three different realm levels available.

  • Novice - Provides health point bonuses to officers and sometimes increases the potency of normal attacks in small increments. Contains up to 10 levels.
  • Adept - Provides additional defense power to officers and increases the amount of damage caused by critical attacks. Contains up to 15 levels.
  • Expert - Provides additional attack power to officers and decreases the cooldown time for skills once all of them are currently depleted. Contains up to 20 levels.