Destiny Mode was a mode introduced and solely used in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends. It essentially is an RPG where the player creates his or her own original officer, and play as them soldier in one of the Three Kingdoms. Players start off as a low-ranked Private under one of the playable officers, but can rise up through the army ladder through achievements displayed in battle. Destiny mode consists of eight stages, and always starts out during the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Character CreationEdit

When beginning Destiny mode, an elderly man named "Shui Jing", recognizes the player's character as someone who wants to end the chaos throughout the land. He also sees that the character has extraordinary talent. He asks the player a series of questions, which will determine the character's personal information and appearance. When Shui Jing asks, "What name do you go by in this world?", the player chooses a name that can have up to 10 characters.

When he says, "Forgive an old man for asking, but what gender are you?", the player chooses either Male or Female. This is followed by choosing facial features, with 10 styles of hair, and 10 faces to choose from. Players cannot choose the tone of skin or color of hair that is used. Players then choose the voice and personality that their character will employ, Passionate, Heroic, or Calm. Next, the immediate weapon of choice is picked. One of the choices is the sword modeled after parts of Huang Zhong's moveset. The others are a Spear with a style similar to Jiang Wei, and lastly a Pike similarly modeled after Lu Meng. The inquiries end with Shui Jing asking the player what officer he or she wants to serve, which will play a huge part in the character's fighting style.

Also, characters start out with the Jerkin set of clothing, and the color of clothing changed can be picked. Below are the outfits the character can wear.

Outfit # (Male/Female) Outfit How to Unlock
1 Leather Jerkin/Cloth Dress Initially available.
2 Light Armor Obtain Charge, Health Level 1, and Sergeant rank.
3 Leather Jerkin/Combat Dress Obtain any Archery and Search skill, and Sergeant rank.
4 Heavy Armor Obtain Musou, Health Level 2, Plate Mail or Basic Mount, and Major rank.
5 Tactical Robe/Dancer's Robe Obtain 2 Leader and Search skills, and Major rank.
6 Strategist Robe/Regal Dress Obtain 2 each Leader and Tactics skills, and Major rank.
7 Fur Skin/Nanman Dress Complete any level with a Bad Contribution Rating.
8 Grand Armor/Maiden Armor Obtain Rage, Health Level 3, any two of Advanced Mount, March or Rally, and Lt. General rank.
9 Prime Minister Robe/Sacred Gown Obtain any combination of 6 skills from Leader, Tactics, Search, and Lt. General Rank.
10 Demon's Armor Have a 1500 KO total by the end of Destiny mode. For male characters only.
11 Sorceress Gown Work under all three Kingdoms once. For female characters only.


Before battle, in the info screen stage, players can choose their weapon and objectives. Objectives are targets at the beginning of the stage that will grant skill points after completion. If an objective is not cleared by the end of the stage or its time limit, the skill points offered are not rewarded. Not achieving objectives will not lower morale, nor achieving them will raise morale.

Battles are played as in any other mode, only with a few modifications. Instead of battle-specific conditions, battles are won by either defeating the enemy commander, or taking a specific base. Battles are lost by the player being defeated or time running out. Before purchasing any skills, players start out with only two Square attacks. Through the purchase of Combo and Melee skills however, the attack chain will branch out into a normal moveset. Battles are usually shorter than Legend Mode or Free Mode counterparts, only facing a part of the army rather than the army in the non-Destiny mode battle. Also before battle, the player is briefed on the situation by the Kingdom ruler, then being motivated and briefed by their commanding officer.

During battle, players can find ambushes on the battlefield when the hidden enemy enters a certain radius on the map. However, the location of the enemy may disappear if not defeated and/or left alone. Likewise, Messengers and Supply Captains appear as regular troops, giving off letters and weapons, respectively.

In addition to ordinary KOs, Destiny Mode has another type in Tactical KOs. These primarily is used to evaluate the player's proficiency in utilizing tools given to them. There are four measures, which include:

  • Lead - Uses the Rally skill. After surrounding allies gain its effect of doubled attack power, for the following thirty second period all KOs are counted here.
  • Supply - Once a player enters a supply garrison, all enemies defeated within that base, along with others for a set amount of time, are counted here.
  • Fire - Uses the Fire skill. If a player is within the vicinity of a garrison and does not attack or jump for five seconds, it will light aflame and all defenders are damaged. The amount of defenders defeated are counted here.
  • Raid - Can use the Ambush and Reveal skills. Ambushes are set using the Select button, and a set amount of time must pass before the surprise attack is ready. For maximum results and for the Raid to begin, an enemy officer must be lured into the area and the Select button must be pressed once more. Regardless of whether they are lured, a minimum amount of allied troops will appear. If the player betrays his officer, all defeated enemies nearby are counted here. Using Reveal, a player detects an enemy trap, and all the troops in the ambush officer's roster are also counted.


After completing a battle, players are judged on two separate items: on how many Skill Points are earned and Contribution to the unit. The former has criteria based on objectives completed and 30 default points for victory in the completed stage, among others.

Contribution itself is split between two measures: Military and Strategy ratings. Enemies, officers, Tactical KOs and letters obtained affect these ratings. Depending on whether the results are positive, the player's commanding officer will praise them and may give them a weapon, skill, or a promotion.

After completing the eight stages, the life, career, and exploits of the player are presented within an epilogue sequence. They are then given the option whether to keep the character used throughout the mode, and if so, a single weapon to keep.


If the player impresses an enemy general enough, after the stage is complete they may send a dispatch asking if they would like to defect. This can be accepted or declined, but in the latter case, on some occasions the tactician in the player's army (Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Lu Xun, Zhou Yu, Cao Cao, Sima Yi) will offer another optional plan in which the defection is a ruse. Through the plan, the player accepts the dispatch, fights for the enemy for a few battles, and eventually betrays the enemy officer that originally requested the player.

Should the player accept their tactician's ruse, after completing it, regardless of whichever officer they previously served beginning the plan, they will be put under the strategist. Even when acting as an agent, players can accept additional dispatches from the neutral third kingdom (for example, one can falsely serve Shu through a plan laid by Wu, but should the character fulfill the proper conditions they will be able to defect to Wei).

Here is a list of different actions the players may take to impress each officer in the battlefield. It may take a few tries to work for some of them.

Action Character
Defeating Troops Xu Zhu, Cao Cao, Yue Ying, Zhou Yu, Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao
Defeating Officers Dian Wei, Xiahou Yuan, Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Sun Ce, Taishi Ci, Da Qiao
Initiating March Xu Huang, Zhao Yun, Xing Cai, Sun Quan
Rallying Troops Zhang He, Pang Tong, Sun Jian, Guan Yu
Using Rations Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, Jiang Wei, Gan Ning
Burning Bases Sima Yi, Guan Ping, Lu Xun, Huang Gai
Ambushing Officers Zhen Ji, Zhuge Liang, Lu Meng, Ling Tong
Uncovering Info Cao Pi, Cao Ren, Liu Bei, Zhou Tai


Ranks affect the number of objectives able to be chosen, what skills can be bought, and how many subordinate soldiers accompany the player. The four classifications are: Private, Sergeant, Major, and Lt. General. Of note, the player's living quarters is also a reflection of their current rank.


Skills are special abilities able for purchase that upgrade the abilities of the player. Before battle, players can purchase these with skill points. Fifty are given by default when Destiny Mode begins.

Skill Type Skill Name Description Required Skill Points Prerequisites
Combo 3-Hit Able to initiate a 3-hit Combo 20 None
Combo 4-Hit Able to initiate a 4-hit Combo 30 Obtain 3-Hit
Combo 5-Hit Able to initiate a 5-hit Combo 40 Obtain Sergeant rank and 4-Hit
Combo 6-Hit Able to initiate a full 6-Hit Combo 50 Obtain Major rank and 5-Hit
Melee Charge Able to initiate Charge attacks and deflections 30 Obtain 3-Hit
Melee Musou Able to initiate a Musou attack 60 Obtain Private rank and 4-Hit
Melee Rage Able to use Evolution attacks and Musou Rage 70 Obtain Lt. General rank and 6-Hit
Health Level 1 Life and Defense are increased 10 None
Health Level 2 Life and Defense are increased 20 Obtain Sergeant rank and Level 1
Health Level 3 Life and Defense increased 30 Obtain Major rank and Level 2
Health Level 4 Life and Defense increased 40 Obtain Lt. General rank and Level 3
Archery Ice Arrow Arrows freeze enemies 30 None
Archery Pierce Bow Attack increased; Arrows pierce enemies 20 None
Archery Plate Mail The player is not stunned by arrows 20 None
Mount Basic Can ride horses and elephants 10 None
Mount Cavalry Player Mounts stage on horse 40 Obtain Sergeant rank and Basic
Mount Advanced Defeat an enemy in one hit by attacking or charging into the enemy at full speed 60 Obtain Lt. General rank and Basic
Leader March Occasionally increase Speed of allies when nearby 60 Obtain Major rank
Leader Rally Occasionally increase Attack of allies when nearby 80 Obtain Major rank
Leader Rations Occasionally increase Life of allies when nearby 40 Obtain Major rank
Tactic Fire Able to initiate Fire Attacks 60 Obtain Sergeant rank
Tactic Ambush Able to initiate Ambushes 40 Obtain Major rank
Tactic Volley Arrows will be fired after a Charge attack is performed 50 Obtain Major rank and Charge
Search Interrogate Players are able to get Letters from any enemy 20 None
Search Scout Able to learn informaion on nearby enemy bases and the radius of enemy-spotting increases 20 None
Search Reveal Detect enemy traps and ambushes 20 None

Skills are sometimes taught by the commanding officer chosen by the player. Such instances are more likely to occur if the player has contributed well enough in battle. Aside from combo skills, each officer can only teach a certain skill type depending on their style of command.

Skill Type Character
Melee Xu Zhu, Wei Yan, Sun Ce, Gan Ning
Health Dian Wei, Cao Ren, Zhang Fei, Xing Cai, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai
Archery Xiahou Yuan, Pang De, Guan Yu, Huang Zhong, Ling Tong, Sun Xiang Shang
Mount Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Sun Jian, Zhou Tai
Leader Xu Huang, Cao Pi, Liu Bei, Jiang Wei, Sun Quan, Da Qiao
Tactic Sima Yi, Zhen Ji, Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Lu Xun, Xiao Qiao
Search Cao Cao, Zhang He, Guan Ping, Yue Ying, Zhou Yu, Lu Meng