Lu Bu equipped with his EX weapon. A bow acts as his secondary weapon.

Weapons in Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 behave in a different manner than previous iterations of the series. Like the Strikeforce titles, characters can simultaneously equip two weapons at once and can switch between them at will. During battle, players can hold more than one weapon in their inventory and can switch the weapons they're using to change to another in reserve. This can be done during the middle of battle or even when the character is still in the air.

A quick switch between the two weapons triggers a "Switch Attack". Depending on the weapon, the motions for the attack will vary.

An "EX Attack" becomes available when a character is equipped with their personal weapon of choice (colloquially known as "EX Weapon"). The method for inputting these attacks are shown to the player through the weapon's action listing in the game's pause menu. A simple way of spotting the EX Attack or a character's weapon of choice is by noting the letters "EX" with the weapon icon. When it's selected, the golden letters will notify the player. There is one "EX Attack" available per character (2 in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends).

Even if characters have a preferred weapon of choice, however, the producer stresses that any weapon can be freely equipped for any character. A character's preferred weapon may not always be the best one for each character since it may not cover all of the character's weakspots. For an example, he compared Guan Yu and his trademark Green Dragon Crescent Blade. The weapon may cover a wide range but it's also slow and leaves Guan Yu open to attacks. To counter this, the producer suggested equipping Guan Yu with a speedier weapon type to make him more flexible. The weapon system strives to grant players the freedom to counteract these type of imbalanced traits at their own will and preferences.

Since the movesets themselves are ingrained with the weapon and not the character, all of the characters in this title will have similar movesets. This means anyone using a set of gauntlets, for example, will act in the same manner as Ding Feng or Meng Huo, the EX users of the weapon type. The known traits to separate EX users from the rest of the cast are their EX Attacks and specialized Musou attacks. Musou attacks for all of the characters will switch to their preferred weapon, regardless of whatever weapon they are currently using. Even if he doesn't have it within his inventory, Zhao Yun will automatically switch to his spear for his Musou attacks. The producer remarked that players can make any type of joke they want about how this is even possible. In the seventh title, gender plays a part in deciding which weapons a character may be able to use.

"Unique" weapons also exist in the seventh game. For instance, both Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi have feather fans as their weapon of choice, but their appearances differ from one another. Wang Yuanji's throwing daggers for her downloadable costume will change their look but will act the same. These "unique" effects are purely cosmetic.

Weapons can be earned by defeating enemy generals in battle or by purchasing them at a weapons store in Story or Conquest Mode. There are weapons that will be exclusive for the player in one mode and not the other (i.e.: there are weapons available in Story Mode that can't be found in Conquest Mode).


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Weapon EX User
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7
Sword Icon (DW7) Sword Multiple
Rapier Icon (DW7) Rapier Multiple
War Fan Icon (DW7) War Fan Multiple
Twin Swords Icon (DW7) Twin Swords Multiple
Spear Icon (DW7) Spear Multiple
Pike Icon (DW7) Pike Multiple
Double Voulge Icon (DW7) Double Voulge Multiple
Great Sword Icon (DW7) Great Sword Multiple
Throwing Knives Icon (DW7) Throwing Knives Multiple
Chain & Sickle Icon (DW7) Chain and Sickle Multiple
Flail Icon (DW7) Flail Multiple
Club Icon (DW7) Club Multiple
Nunchaku Icon (DW7) Nunchaku Multiple
Staff Icon (DW7) Staff Multiple
Gloves Icon (DW7) Gloves Multiple
Bow Icon (DW7) Bow Multiple
Shaman Rod Icon (DW7) Shaman Rod Multiple
Iron Fan Icon (DW7) Iron Fan Multiple
Sword & Shield Icon (DW7) Sword and Shield Xingcai
Flying Swords Icon (DW7) Flying Swords Zhong Hui
Halberd Icon (DW7) Halberd Lu Bu
Twin Axes Icon (DW7) Twin Axes Zhang Liao
Lance Icon (DW7) Lance Deng Ai
Twin Rods Icon (DW7) Twin Rods Taishi Ci
Axe Icon (DW7) Axe Dian Wei
Curved Sword Icon (DW7) Curved Sword Zhou Tai
Claws Icon (DW7) Claws Zhang He
Tonfa Icon (DW7) Tonfa Sun Ce
Crossbow Icon (DW7) Crossbow Lianshi
Wheels Icon (DW7) Wheels Sun Shangxiang
Chain Whip Icon (DW7) Chain Whip Diaochan
Spinner Icon (DW7) Spinner Bao Sanniang
Arm Cannon Icon (DW7) Arm Cannon Guo Huai
Brush Icon (DW7) Brush Ma Dai
Flute Icon (DW7) Flute Zhenji
Harp Icon (DW7) Harp Cai Wenji
DLC Weapon Icon (DW7) Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC
Dagger Axe Icon (DW7) Dagger Axe Yueying (Next)
Bombs Icon (DW7) Bombs Dong Zhuo (Next)
Short Pike Icon (DW7) Short Pike Han Dang
Mace Icon (DW7) Mace Pang De (Next)
Great Axe Icon (DW7) Great Axe Xu Huang (Next)
Pugil Stick Icon (DW7) Pugil Stick Daqiao (Empires)
Spiked Shield Icon (DW7) Spiked Shield Cao Ren (Empires)
Lightning Sword Icon (DW7) Lightning Sword Sima Shi (Empires)
Arm Blade Icon (DW7) Arm Blade Huang Gai (Empires)
Boomerang Icon (DW7) Boomerang Zhurong (Empires)
Circle Blade Icon (DW7) Circle Blade Ding Feng (Empires)
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends
Orb & Scepter Icon (DW7) Orb and Scepter Guo Jia
Trishula Icon (DW7) Trishula Wang Yi
Podao Icon (DW7) Podao Xiahou Dun
Dragon Spear Icon (DW7) Dragon Spear Zhao Yun
Crescent Blade Icon (DW7) Crescent Blade Guan Yu
Twin Pike Icon (DW7) Twin Pike Zhang Fei
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
Siege Lance Icon (DW7) Siege Spear Xiahou Ba
Sword & Hook Icon (DW7) Sword and Hook Xu Shu
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 8
General Sword Icon (DW8) General's Sword Cao Cao
Rod & Bow Icon (DW8) Bow and Rod Xiahou Yuan
Double-Edged Sword Icon (DW8) Dual Blade Cao Pi
Nine-Ringed Blade Icon (DW8) Nine Rings Blade Sun Jian
Swallow Swords Icon (DW8) Swallow Swords Lu Xun
Sanjiegun Icon (DW8) Three Sectional Staff Ling Tong
Double-Edged Trident Icon (DW8) Double-Edge Trident Jiang Wei
Flabellum Icon (DW8) Shadow Fan Pang Tong
Horsehair Whisk Icon (DW8) Horsehair Whip Sima Yi
Striking Broadsword Icon (DW8) Striking Sword Sima Zhao
Short Iron Rod Icon (DW8) Short Rod Zhuge Dan
Stretch Rapier Icon (DW8) Extension Blade Yuan Shao
Cards Icon (DW8) Talisman Cards Zuo Ci
Rotating Halberd Icon (DW8) Wheeled Halberd Li Dian
Twin Hookswords Icon (DW8) Dual Hookblades Yue Jin
Rake Icon (DW8) Rake Lu Su
Wide Snake Sword Icon (DW8) Flail Sword Zhang Bao
Dual Wing Blades Icon (DW8) Wingblades Guan Xing
Double-Ended Mace Icon (DW8) Dual-Headed Mace Guan Yinping
Twin Throwing Axes Icon (DW8) Throwing Axes Jia Chong
Wired Gauntlets Icon (DW8) Wired Gloves Zhang Chunhua
Throwing Spear Icon (DW8) Javelin Wen Yang
DLC Weapon Icon (DW7) Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC
Flame Blade Icon (DW8) Flame Blade Sun Quan (Empires)
Revolving Crossbow Icon (DW8) Revolving Crossbow Deng Ai (Empires)
Sabaton Icon (DW8) Sabatons Guan Suo (Empires)
Emei Piercers Icon (DW8) Emei Piercers Wang Yi (Empires)
Bladebow Icon (DW8) Bladebow Yueying (Empires)
Paired Fans Icon (DW8) Paired Fans Xiaoqiao (Empires)
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
Trident Icon (DW8) War Trident Yu Jin
Blaze Bow Icon (DW8) Flame Bow Zhu Ran
Connected Fabric Icon (DW8) Woven Cloth Fa Zheng
Tactic Scroll Icon (DW8) Art of War Scroll Chen Gong
Cross Halberd Icon (DW8) Crossed Pike Lu Lingqi
DLC Weapon Icon (DW7) Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends DLC
Stele Icon (DW8) Stele Meng Huo (Empires)
Mandarin Duck Hooks Icon (DW8) Mandarin Duck Hooks Lianshi (Empires)
Dragon Column Icon (DW8) Dragon Column Liu Shan (Empires)
Introduced in Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
Formation Wand Icon (DW8) Formation Wand Xun Yu


Keys Square Normal Attack TriStrong Attack X Jump/Mount