Number Stage Name
1 Power of Experience
2 Defend Dongxing

Stage WalkthroughsEdit

Power of ExperienceEdit

Ding Feng Wu Army
Ding Feng

Gan Ning
Ling Tong
Lu Xun
Zhou Tai
Sun Shangxiang

Player's character:Ding Feng
First weapon: Gloves (EX)
Second weapon: Sword

In this stage, Ding Feng has to train with the Wu forces on his own.

Defend DongxingEdit

Wu Army Wei Army
Ding Feng
Gan Ning
Lu Xun
Lian Shi
Dong Xi
Ling Cao
Zhu Huan
Sima Zhao
Wang Yuanji
Zhuge Dan
Zhong Hui
Deng Ai
Zhou Tai
Wang Qi
Wang Chen
Ma Long
Cheng Cui

Here, players can recreate one of the defeats Wei suffered on the Wu side. Ding Feng must first fight 2 officers near his starting point including Zhuge Dan. Zhong Hui will attempt to make a surprise attack on the Wu main camp. The Wu poet must also stop him. After the assault is prevented, Sima Shi will charge out with his brother and sister-in-law. If Ding Feng can defeat Sima Shi, the battle is won. If the main camp is taken, the battle is lost.