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Xiahou Ba equipped with his new EX weapon.

This page is for the new weapons introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires. For weapon movesets in the other games, please see the Movesets category


See also: Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires/Weapons
  • Siege Spear - Xiahou Ba's new EX weapon
  • Sword and Hook - Xu Shu's EX weapon.


Keys Square Normal Attack Tri Strong Attack X Jump/Mount

Siege SpearEdit

Ground MovesetEdit

Tri : Activates weapon engine to increase overall speed while adding an extra move to strong attacks.
Square , Tri : Quickly launches user upward.
Square , Square , Tri : Fires an air bullet to the front. The trajectory of the attack is raised upward after using C1.
Square , Square , Square , Tri : Does a full degree swing before inflicting a frontal stab.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Tri : Jumps forward and stabs weapon to the ground, producing fissures on contact.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Tri : Launches the user high into the air while giving the option of where to land before descending down. Upon landing, the user causes a powerful impact that devastates enemies below. The attack ends with an explosion instead after using C1.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Square : Launches a series of heavy swings and spins.
Dashing Square : Performs a simple boost stab. Changes into a launching dash attack after using C1.
X , Square : Dives down fiercely to collide with the ground. Adds an explosion effect after using C1.
  • Switch Attack: Plants weapon unto the ground, causing it to launch itself into the air.

Horse MovesetEdit

Tri : Lifts up enemies on the right side.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Square : Stabs weapon downward on the right several times.


Dynasty Warriors 8
X , Square : Thrusts weapon unto the ground.
X , Tri : Previous air attack from seventh game.
  • Storm Rush: Spins around diagonally to produce a whirlwind tearing foes apart. The attack ends with the user being slowly propelled into the air while holding weapon.
  • Switch Counter: Stands back in time to launch a quick thrust against the target.

Fighting StyleEdit

The siege spear features a special booster engine which increases attack speed when charged.

Rapier & HookEdit

Ground MovesetEdit

Tri : Throws the attached hook dagger to the front. If it lands a hit, the user performs a non-damaging dash that lowers enemy defense and can be chained with airborne attacks. Can also be charged to catch enemies higher in the air when the normal version would whiff.
Square , Tri : Swings sword upward.
Square , Square , Tri : A few slashes to the front, ending with a backflip kick.
Square , Square , Square , Tri : Fiercely swings sword to the right along with any foe caught by the attack,
Square , Square , Square , Square , Tri : Jumps high into the air, then slams back to the ground.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Tri : Runs and swings sword around, generating a huge shockwave in the process.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Square : Does six swings with sword.
Dashing Square : Slashes forward while leaping high into the air.
X , Square : Does two downward slashes and a somersault kick.
Dash: Turns around clockwise while dashing in the air.
  • Switch Attack: Slams weapon on the ground and knocks away all nearby enemies.

Horse MovesetEdit

Tri : Spins hook on the right side and flings it upward, launching nearby enemies in the process.
Square , Square , Square , Square , Square , Square : Does twirling slashes on the right several times.


Dynasty Warriors 8
X , Tri : Sends hook down while leaping in mid-air. If it connects, the user quickly descends upon the target and slashes them.
  • Storm Rush: Swings hook around multiple times, ending the barrage with a quick turning slash.
  • Switch Counter: Backs away before countering with a swift dashing slash.

Fighting StyleEdit

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