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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
DW8E EU Cover
Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date:
PS3, PS4, Xbox One Version
Flag of Japan: November 20, 2014
Flag of the United States.svg: February 24, 2015
European flag: February 27, 2015

Steam Version

February 26, 2015

PS Vita Version

Flag of Japan: November 26, 2015
Flag of the United States.svg: November 24, 2015
(digital only)
Genre: Hack and slash
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Ratings: Cero: CERO B Rating
Platform(s): PlayStation 3,
PlayStation 4,
Xbox One,
PlayStation VIta,

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (真・三國無双7 Empires, Shin Sangoku Musou 7: Empires) is the Empires adaptation of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.

Pre-order bonuses include downloadable serial codes for Guo Jia, Guan Yinping, Date Masiamune, and Tenko edit parts. The Premium Box edition contains a sixteen track CD containing new music and 83 character cards. Demos for the title's Edit Mode and free co-op gameplay are available on PlayStation Network & Xbox Live platforms.

Like its predecessor, the overseas version only features Japanese voice tracks with subtitles despite it having been formerly announced that English voice acting would be included.


  • Stratagems from Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires return with enhanced features. New grand-scale stratagems take longer to complete but can dramatically affect the flow of battle. Weather conditions and time can affect certain stratagems' proficiency and change a battlefield's appearance.
  • Certain characters have DLC weapons as their EX Weapons. Players may also categorize weapons by type or faction ownership.
  • Preset bases have levels to indicate their potency. Simple bases can be constructed anywhere on the map to provide auxiliary assistance.
  • If players possess a high rank, they can order other generals.
  • Rulers can set specific priorities to policies.
  • Fame has been revamped to allow the selection of different play styles. It lost its visual GUI notices.
  • The marriage system now enables couples to have children. Scenes dedicated to married couples have been expanded. Offspring inherit their parents' stats and genes.
  • Players can keep and reuse their previous edit characters since the same edit features return in this title. They can also edit the appearance of their banner, soldiers, horses, and create scenarios to upload for online sessions. Other players can download them.
    • Soldiers - Customizable features include body posture and appearance.
    • Horses - Customizable features include hair color and size.
  • Crossplay can be done between the PS3 and PS4 ports.
  • Downloadable content consists of edit character parts, original costumes for the main roster, soundtracks from previous games and new scenarios/modes.


The entire Xtreme Legends cast returns with at least one new addition from the second most wanted character poll.


Trophy Name Unlock Method Trophy Type
DW8E Trophy Empires Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
DW8E Trophy 2 Great Senior for Life Obtain all titles. Gold
DW8E Trophy 3 Traveler of Many Lives Complete every ways of life. Gold
DW8E Trophy 4 Chaos Conquered Cleared any scenario under Chaos difficulty setting. Gold
DW8E Trophy 5 Wisdom Worth Ten Thousand Defeat a total of more than 10,000 enemies using tactics. Silver
DW8E Trophy 6 Many Children Bear more than 5 offsprings. Silver
DW8E Trophy 7 Comprehending Strategy Use all tactic commands at least once. Silver
DW8E Trophy 8 Great Nation of Warriors Recruit all unique playable characters as a ruler or mercenary leader. Silver
DW8E Trophy 9 Beyond Warriors Defeat all unique playable characters using an edit officer. Silver
DW8E Trophy 10 Fully Prepared Obtain more than 30 kinds of equipment. Silver
DW8E Trophy 11 Weapon Treasury Purchase more than 100 kinds of weapons. Silver
DW8E Trophy 12 Wide-Ranging Life Unlock all viewable events in the gallery. Silver
DW8E Trophy 13 Goal Achiever Complete 4 or more merit goals in a single battle. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 14 Growing Trust Improve relationship with a ruler by completing their request mission. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 15 Marshal Inauguration Be promoted to marshal for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 16 Schemer Use tactics more than 100 times. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 17 The Select Few Win a battle with less troops than the opposing army. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 18 Novice Politician Clear a political objective for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 19 Marital Vows Marry an officer for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 20 Daredevil Defeat an enemy officer in their territory alone. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 21 Familial Nation Form a faction composed of only sworn siblings, spouse, and children. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 22 Starting Ambition Raise a faction for the first time through flag-raising battles. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 23 Vessel of a Founding Kingdom Become a ruler for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 24 First Request Clear a request for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 25 Oath in the Peach Garden Gain a sworn sibling for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 26 The Wind of Victory Blows Help Zhuge Liang complete his southeast wind plan during the Battle of Chibi on the alliance side. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 27 Kind and Sincere Maximize virtue rating. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 28 Natural Rebel Use the betrayal command for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 29 Successor Inherit the position of ruler for the first time via inheritance event. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 30 Love Affair Give or receive a love confession for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 31 Exceptional Promotion Be instantly recruited as a strategist or marshal. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 32 Beating in Single Blow Win a battle while maintaining troop count above 90%. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 33 False Loyalty Change faction allegiance for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 34 Bases Captured Conquer more than 10 bases in a single battle. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 35 Dissident Claim the position of ruler by staging a coup. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 36 Most Beautiful in the World Receive love confessions from 3 or more characters during a single playthrough. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 37 Lack of Consideration Deplete virtue rating. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 38 Grand Nation Recruit 20 or more officers in own faction. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 39 Change in Weather Use a weather-changing tactic for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 40 Strategist Inauguration Be promoted to strategist for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 41 Birth of a Legitimate Child Bear a child for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 42 Grand Stratagem Prevented Stop an enemy's grand stratagem for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 43 Precious Gift Receive a weapon or equipment as a gift for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 44 A New Hero View any ending while playing as an edit officer. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 45 Self-Creation Gathering Create at least one edit officer, soldier, horse, and banner for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 46 Proficient in Four Seasons Win battles set in each of the four seasons. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 47 Architect Build a facility for the first time. Bronze
DW8E Trophy 48 Construction Expert Build 6 buildings of the same facility. Bronze

Differences between portsEdit

  • The PS Vita version allows players to transfer their DLC and boasts Ad hoc multiplayer options. Raid Scenarios are being added to the online feature. It grants players the freedom to choose their loot if they successfully defeat a map of strong enemies.
  • The PC version is a direct port of the game's PS3 version and does not contain the enhanced graphical improvements of the PS4 port.


Related MediaEdit

A Twitter campaign to guess the new character addition was held June 5~16. Three accurate fans won a free copy of the game.

The game is scheduled to have a live broadcast demonstration September 20, 14:45 JST at Koei-Tecmo's Tokyo Game Show stage. It was one of the playable demos at Koei Tecmo's Tokyo Game Show 2014 booth.

Fans who have downloaded the edit trial can participate in a edit character contest throughout October and early November. Contestants are asked to create their interpretation of a person/character from history or Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Five winners will receive a copy of the game's complete guide and Dynasty Warriors 8 badges.

A collaboration campaign with Shin Sangoku Musou Blast was held from November 27th to December 3rd. The following characters from Blast appeared in Empires as edit officers: Xu Sheng, Xiahouji, Yan Yan, Zhugeshi, and Zoushi.

Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Duet Songs will include five character image duets with the five factions, character messages, and voice actor commentary from characters in this expansion. Purchase the first copies of the CD to receive a chance to redeem a possible ticket to the Shin Sangoku Musou Seiyuu Ranbu 2015 Summer voice actor event. Consumers who purchase the Deluxe Edition of the live event's DVD recording receive an additional photo book of the event and three character stickers.

Halloween themed character merchandise shall be up for sale at Tokyo Game Show 2015.


External LinksEdit

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