First Print BonusEdit

Buy the game new to receive a Peking opera-style costume for Zhao Yun. Digital only copies offer a Black Dragon Fang Spear within two weeks of release.

North American and European consumers can receive the costume by pre-ordering the game. The costume is free DLC on Steam.

Store-Exclusive CostumesEdit

Pre-order the game at specific stores to obtain dudou costumes for the following characters

North American and European consumers can receive all of the costumes by pre-ordering the game. All costumes are free DLC on Steam.

Digital Deluxe WeaponsEdit

Purchase the Digital Deluxe edition to receive exclusive weapons for Cao Cao, Sun Jian, and Liu Bei.

Mascot Character ExclusivesEdit

Xin Xianying
Purchase the 656th volume of Dengeki PlayStation to receive a serial code for a Politan costume.
Purchase the February 22nd issue of Weekly Famitsu to receive a serial code for a fox costume in ode to the magazine's mascot character, Netsukii.
Da Qiao
Taiwanese exclusive. Buy the Taiwanese port new to receive a serial code for an Ai-chan costume, SIET's mascot character, designed by vofan.
Wallpapers illustrated by vofan are available as free downloads on the PS4 Asian Store.

Hideout Customization PackEdit

Five outside models for hideouts and ten pieces of furniture. Adds a bonus "Trial" mission with the pack.

800 yen + tax (JP)

Additional Weapons PackEdit

Three new weapon types with three advanced models.

1,200 yen + tax (JP)

Additional Scenarios PackEdit

Unique NPCs become playable with their own actions, events, and scenarios.

Digital Deluxe edition consumers are guaranteed to receive them by activating their season pass. Other consumers will have to wait for them to become DLC.

2,400 yen + tax (JP)

Season PassEdit

Individual purchase for consumers on Steam. Same additional bonuses as the Digital Deluxe edition.



Ver. 1.02Edit

  1. Fixes displayed total play time and K.O. counts
  2. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Ver. 1.03Edit

  1. A graphic setting that enables frame rate stabilization is added except for the PlayStation 4 Pro
  2. Frame rate improvements
  3. Fixed a bug which wouldn't play a character's individual ending movie thereby making it impossible to clear their scenario
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes