Direct Break is an exclusive attack feature introduced in Dynasty Warriors Next. When the green bar on the bottom left (known as the Break gauge) is full, players can unleash a powerful attack by tapping the screen once. Aside from dealing damage to surrounding enemies, it has an additional effect of capturing any base other than main camps instantaneously. Also, bases gained via Direct Break cannot be taken again by enemy troops. The type of Direct Break used depends on what troops the player's character has under their command.

Icon Troops Effect
Unit Icon 1 (DWN) Swordsmen Commands a group of swordsmen to perform a joint melee assault.
Unit Icon 2 (DWN) Spearmen Causes a group of spearmen to charge with spears pointed forward.
Unit Icon 3 (DWN) Pikemen Causes a group of pikemen to strike the earth, causing multiple shockwaves to travel forth.
Unit Icon 4 (DWN) Shield Troop Envelops the player within a protective barrier, inflicting damage to surrounding foes.
Unit Icon 5 (DWN) Archers Causes a rain of arrows to surround the player, damaging enemies within close proximity.
Unit Icon 6 (DWN) Cavalry Commands a group of cavalry units to charge forward.
Unit Icon 7 (DWN) Elephant Troop Summons a group of elephant riders to trample the enemy.
Unit Icon 8 (DWN) Sorcerers Conjures a wall of lightning around the player, shocking nearby foes.
Unit Icon 9 (DWN) Bombardiers Calls a group of bombardiers to throw explosives in tandem.
Unit Icon 10 (DWN) Juggernauts Causes a juggernaut to fire a beam of ice before triggering an explosion.
Unit Icon 11 (DWN) Tigers Summons several tigers that emit a shockwave-inducing howl.
Unit Icon 12 (DWN) Pandas Causes a group of pandas to charge at the enemy.
Unit Icon 13 (DWN) Bear Troop Summons a group of bear riders to dash forward.


An effective way to fill up the Break gauge is to perform long combos against a large group of enemies. This can be done by using Speed Musou attacks to score massive hits or chain maneuvers to prolong combo strings. Ginseng, certain stratagems, and any weapon with the "Break" attribute also help improve the player's ability to maximize the gauge.

With the exception of shield troops, archers, and sorcerers, players remain stationary during a Direct Break. At times, positioning oneself before activating the attack is necessary in order to inflict the most amount of damage possible. The effects of the three aforementioned units provide excellent cover and mobility, enabling the player to fight how they see fit.

It is ideal to trigger Direct Breaks on sanctums to ensure further protection for other bases nearby. Areas captured through this method may also serve as bait to keep enemy officers occupied while allied troops can rush towards their main camp.