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EVER FREE is a song performed by the voice actor unit 2HEARTS. It is available on their debut album Two my self and their first eponymous single. It is the image song for Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires that plays during the Japanese credits and TV commercials.


Lyrics: Yukie Ozaki
Composition, Arrangement: Masaaki Iizuka
Lantis label


人込みに 押されながら
目的地が 離れてしまうけど
遠回り すればいいさ
知らなかった 景色が見つかるよ
輝きたい もっと
ever free 翔(はばた)けるさ
ever free 羽がなくても
ever free 両手広げ
裏切りに 傷つけられ
疑うことに 慣れてしまうとしても
チャンスだって 尻込みしてゆくよ
ever free 許せるだろう
ever free 人の弱さも
ever free いつの日にか
晴れた 空に抱かれて
常識という名の 矛盾の嵐に
呼吸が出来ないなら 回れ右で
向かい風を 追い風にするのさ
ever free 翔(はばた)けるさ
ever free 羽がなくても
ever free 心ひろげ

hitogomi ni osarenagara
mokutekichi ga hanareteshiamu kedo
toomawari sure ba ii sa
shiranakatta keshiki ga mitsukaru yo
genjitsu wo hamidashite
kiwoteraukoto yori mo
ruuru wo mono ni shite
kagayakitai motto
ever free habatakerusa
ever free hane ga nakutemo
ever free ryoute hiroge
deau subete no tame ni
uragiri ni kizutsukerare
utagaukoto ni kowareteshimau toshitemo
kokoro made kyozetsushitara
chansu datte shirigomishiteyuku yo
tadashisa wo shiru dake jya
yo no naka wa katarenai
toki ni wa uso ni sae
iyasereta risurusa
ever free yuruseru darou
ever free hito no yowasa mo
ever free itsu no hi ni ka
hareta sore ni dakarete
joushiki to iu na no mujun no arashi ni
kokyuu ga dekinai nara maware-migi de
mukai kaze wo oikaze ni suru no sa
kanjou no nami ni nori
yureruno mo warukunai
sorekoso ikiteiru
shouko no dakara
ever free habatakerusa
ever free hane ga nakutemo
ever free kokoro hiroge
deau subete no tame ni
mamoru mirai no tame ni

While pushing my way through the crowd,
I lose sight of my destination
But I am fine with taking a detour
I'll see scenery unknown to me
I'll escape from reality
I'll do more than act different
I'll make the rules my own
I wish to shine on my own
ever free I'll take flight and be
ever free Even without feathers I'll be
ever free I'll spread my hands open
to see all that I can see
Even if I am hurt by betrayal,
or am the verge of being broken by doubt,
or refuse the sanity of my mind,
I won't recoil from my opportunities
The world doesn't run
on truth alone
At times even lies
serve to heal
ever free Can we be forgiven?
ever free People's frailty may be
ever free And someday we will
be wrapped in sunny days
If the name of common sense cannot
breathe within the storm of contractions, then about face
Face the opposing winds and become the tailwind
Ride the wave of emotions
It's not all bad to waver
That's what it means to live
That is evident in us all
ever free Take flight and be
ever free Even without feathers you are
ever free Open your heart,
for every encounter you will face,
for the future you wish to protect

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