Elder Miranda

Elder Miranda (長老ミランダ) is a secondary character in Gitaroo-Man who supports U-1. He is voiced by Paul Lucas in the English version and by Naoki Tatsuta in the Japanese version.

Miranda is the leading elder on Planet Gitaroo who was once a great Gitaroo soldier. Before the game takes place, he fought with the Gravillian Empire but lost. As a result, he and the rest of the Gitarians were imprisoned on their planet. Realizing that their last hope lied with the legendary Gitaroo, Miranda contacts U-1 through a miniature broadcast and tells him to rescue them. He supposedly can save them himself, but he needs to take the backseat since "[U-1] is the main hero".

If given the chance, Miranda is the type of person who loves to jabber and brag about his greatness. He doesn't like to listen to others during his rants and usually ignores others while talking. Since he is responsible for U-1's arrival at Planet Gitaroo, he considers himself the "producer" for U-1's success and tries to take credit for U-1's accomplishments. Even so, he is among the many moved by U-1's performance of their planet's legendary song and recognizes U-1 as a true hero.

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