MAN-08 Elmeth (DWGR)
Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam
Main Pilot(s): Lalah Sune
Height: 85.4 meters
Weight: 291.4 tonnes
Weapon(s): Bit x 12
Mega particle gun x2
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

MAN-08 Elmeth (MAN-08 エルメス) is a Mobile Armor built near the end of the One Year War. While its original design could be used by any pilot, it became a Newtype intensive weapon with the installment of its Psycommu system. A Newtype can use their brainwaves to control remote laser units called Bits. These mobile units can pinpoint targets from long distances and cannot be detected by radars. Lalah's potency with the Elmeth's Bits make her untouchable by most units.

The guns Elmeth wields act as a secondary method to keep units away from the lightly armored Mobile Armor; they aren't as strong as the Bits but are quick to fire. They also help lessen stress on the pilot as the massive Psycommu system may prove hazardous if used for too long. Elmeth's specs, while basic in retrospect, set the standards for future Zeon Newtype Mobile Suits.

Battle DataEdit

Since players cannot use Mobile Armors (MA), they cannot pilot the mecha for themselves. Players will encounter this MA only during space conflicts. The second game identifies Elmeth as a spaceship because it acts like a spaceship type throughout its game appearances.

  • Mannerism - Remotely attacks player with Bits. Players cannot actually hit Elmeth itself.
  • Appearance in Official Mode - Amuro's Official Mode, third mission - Solomon [DWG]
    Amuro's first Official Mode (age 15), sixth mission - A Cosmic Glow [DWG2]

Players will only encounter Elmeth in Official Mode. It does not return in the third title.


Bits may be a nuisance when they group together since their lasers may be damaging when fired multiple times. They have weak defenses, however, and they are simple targets that tend to stay in one spot. When Char appears to defend Lalah, try to avoid confronting both pilots at once for a simple victory.

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