Eri Ishikawa (石川 絵理, Ishikawa Eri) is a Japanese lyricist who is currently affiliated with Smile Company. According to her own account, Ishikawa was a fan of Angelique. She purchased the first character image song CD for the series and, after getting over her shock of the characters singing, was particularly moved by their words. Ishikawa chose her career with the hopes of creating the same experience for others.

When composing lyrics, Ishikawa first considers her client's intent for the song and creates multiple drafts. She shows snippets of the lyrics to as many people as possible —professional musicians, friends outside the industry, social communities— for feedback. Once she feels she has achieved lyrics which the majority likes, Ishikawa refines the song title and diction using online research. If she is creating a character image song, she rewrites them using the key character's voice before submitting a draft for her employer's consideration. Ishikawa admits her process causes her to struggle with duets and group songs.

She often creates lyrics for Norimasa Fujisawa. A few of her other works include select Prince of Tennis character image songs, Yume no Tane, and I wish ~Tokimeki no Mahou~.

Works with KoeiEdit

Ishikawa has written character image song lyrics for the following IPs.

Live EventsEdit

  • Tsukai☆Otome Game Tsushin - Episode 12, Episode 34, Episode 54

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