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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Etoile.

Arslan: The Warriors of LegendEdit

  • "God, I beseech you! Save me form this terrible fate!"
  • "In accordance with the will of God, I have come to lend you my aid!"
  • "I shall not lose to heathens!"
  • "Now! Destroy these heathen dogs!"
  • "Almighty God! Lend your loyal servant your strength!"
  • "Ah! You are a true mardan!"
  • "Most impressive! I shall seek to follow your example!"
  • "Please accept this. I hope it will help you out."
  • "I shall strive to offer up a victory to God!"
  • "Well done! You are a true mardan!"
  • "A dazzling performance! I must try to keep up!"
  • "Use this. For the sake of God, hone your skills further."
  • "I must prove my worth, as a loyal servant of the Faith of Yaldabaoth."
  • "I'll end this quick. Get ready!"
  • "Gah! I'm not about to let you kill me!"
  • "Move aside! You can't hope to defeat me, and you know it!"
  • "Why don't you finish me off? You really are so strange."

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