Fang Clan
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Fang Clan
Martial Art: Kazan Kakuteigi (Boss Fang)
Voice Actor(s):
Kōhei Fukuhara (JP; Boss Fang)
Hiromu Miyazaki (JP; Fang Clan)
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
A fang follower is on the left; Boss Fang is on the right

The Fang Clan (牙一族, Kiba Ichizoku) refers to the muscled gang of bandits who terrorize Mamiya's village. The members of the gang treat one another as though they were family, calling their fellow member "brother". Their leader is their "father", Boss Fang (牙大王, Kiba Daiou, Fang King). He is the tallest of the gang and addresses his followers as his sons. They are likely not blood kin with one another, however, as the boss is more than willing to sacrifice his "sons" for his own safety.

When Kenshiro, Rei, and Mamiya confront them, the boss is in possession of Rei's younger sister, Airi. Mamiya attempts to use trickery to save her by targeting the boss, but her attempt fails. Holding both women hostage (only Airi in the game), he orders Rei and Kenshiro to fight to the death for their safety. After witnessing both fighters seemingly fall victim to a deadly stalemate, the boss orders his sons to finish the job. However, Kenshiro and Rei arise shortly afterwards from their "deaths" due to the ultimate moves of their fighting styles naturally canceling out. Enraged by the ruse, Boss Fang attempts to avenge his humiliation and lost sons. He fights Kenshiro with his greatest technique, but quickly falls when his opponent dispels it.


  • "We bite deep and we dont let go!"

Fighting StyleEdit

Keeping with their animal motif, members of the Fang Clan always attack in groups and howl like wild wolves in battle. They wield many weapons against their foes, but tend to favor metal claws that allow them to attack extremely quickly. While they aren't too impressive by themselves, their unusually strong teamwork allows them to synchronize their attacks and support each other in the middle of a fight.

Boss Fang's main strength is his incredibly large, muscular body, which gives him impressive resilience against his enemies' blows. He uses his physique to set up powerful attacks against opponents trying to break his defences, but can be thwarted by skilled warriors who can deliver multiple hits in a short period of time. In dire situations, Boss Fang can also harden his skin to the relative consistency of steel, turning it a dull blueish tint in the process. Although this greatly reduces the damage his foes can deal to him, the technique can't completely protect his internal organs or pressure points from damage.


  • Kazan Kogai Kohou (Kazan Steel Armor Invite Method) - Boss Fang hardens his skin to weaken normal blows.


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