Fatal Inertia includes random items from weapon pads found during races. These can be used to heighten a racecraft's performance or act as tools to hinder foes. Most weapons can be used as a frontal primary firearm, shot as rear secondary fire, or be used to increase a vessel's speed.

Competitors placed in the last four ranks are likely to obtain stronger weapons, while those in the first four are limited to basic weaponry. Players can discard weapons at any time by pressing the down button.

Item Name Effects
Item 1 (FI) Magnets The staple weapon of the game, it consists of small magnetic spheres that attach themselves to the hull of the targeted vehicle and weigh it down before exploding within. Racecrafts may remove attached magnets by performing a barrel roll maneuver.
Item 2 (FI) Cluster Magnets A canister of magnets equipped with a metal proximity sensor that unleashes a barrage of magnets when near one or more crafts. Can also be dropped unto the ground to act as an obstacle before it detonates.
Item 3 (FI) Smoke Bomb Launches a smoke screen to blind other pilots, hindering them from moving properly. The smoke lasts for a few seconds before dissipating completely.
Item 4 (FI) Force Blast A bomb used for two different functions. When projected forward, it releases a powerful wave of energy which disrupts the course of any craft within range. If projected from behind, the force helps boost the user's craft and also shakes off any weapons attached to it.
Item 5 (FI) Rocket A thruster weapon that ignites when attached to any opposing racecraft. Can be used as a tool to boost the user's own vehicle when fired from behind.
Item 6 (FI) Cable An elastic cable with multiple functions. It can be used to stick enemies together, grapple to their current position, or anchor them to any nearby terrain. The cable can also be used to cut corners in the hands of a skillful player.
Item 7 (FI) Force Field Protects the user from magnetic weapons and minimizes damage caysed by environmental impact.
Item 8 (FI) EMP Surrounds the user in a spherical field that deactivates magnetic weapons and disables the hovering capabilities of nearby crafts.
Item 9 (FI) Time Dilator Slows down the crafts of opposing pilots momentarily.

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