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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Franky.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "Right, let's have some fun!"
  • "No way you're stopping me this week."
  • "Ow! Let's go, you guys!"
  • "Go ahead! Take me on! See if you can defeat us!"
  • "Let's show 'em how much of a man I am!"
  • "CP9? Executors of justice? That's a bunch of crap!"
  • "Woo! Super!!"
  • "Your wimpy little moves could never hurt me!"
  • "Sorry... but my iron body's made of strong stuff."
  • "I told you, you're wasting your time!"
  • "Ha ha ha! Eat that, bastards!"
  • "This is mine now, okay? Ow!"
  • "Right, this is our territory now."
  • "You're all talk and no action, aren't you, you wuss?!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha! Sorry about that, pirates!"
  • "Huh? Save that junk for after you fight against me!"
  • "Think your wussy attack can beat me? Ha! That's loony!"
  • "Ow?! Get in my way, and I'll mercilessly pound you!"
  • "There! Done and done! Let's go home and party it up!"
  • "Ha ha! This is super awesome! I'm more of a man than ever!"
  • "Ow! Ow! Ow! One, two! One, two! I'm rarin' to go this week! Nnngh! Superrrr!"
  • "I'm the most super guy on this island! The man behind the scenes in Water Seven! Nnngh! Frankyyyy!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "I'm going to show you what a real man is!"
  • "Hold on! I'm on my way to help!"
  • "I'm saying it's impossible!"
  • "My name is Cyborg Franky! Your attacks are nothing to my steel body!"
  • "Hmm! Super!!!"
  • "Mind if I have this? Oh!"
  • "Oh! I'm super ready! Nobody's gonna stop this week's Franky!"
  • "Oh!? Trying to interfere? Am I going to have to knock you to next Tuesday?"
  • "Say that again... You all talk weakling!"
  • "Huh? If you're going to take me lightly we're going to have to fight."
  • "Uhahaha! Behold my secret plan!"
  • "Tsk, looks like I'm going to have to show you my super technique!"
  • "Uhahaha! Serves you right! This battle is mine!"
  • "Uhaha, super bad for you! I showed you again what a real man is!"
  • "Ow ow ow ow! Oh... pirate mark? Can I ask you one thing...? Is this my fault...?"
  • "Ow! My body is everything you've dreamed of in a man! And now, the robot of your dreams! I'm perverted!?"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "Alright, punks! Let's start this!"
  • "It's okay if we have bad luck. We can get away from it!"
  • "A decisive battle... I'm super fired up!!"
  • "I'm going to show you what a real man is!"
  • "I'm gonna be watching you this battle. No letting my guard down!"
  • "Oh? Somebody is trying to start something...!"
  • "This week's Franky is a super pervert!!"
  • "Gaze upon the spirit of adventure that swells within me!"
  • "I'm the unbeatable Iron Pirate!"
  • "Sorry... I'm made of iron. I'm strong, you know."
  • "Hmm! Super!!!"
  • "I'm saying it's impossible!"
  • "You're pretty unlucky to face this week's Franky!"
  • "Had enough of my body's secret power? Uh hah hah!"
  • "Uhahaha... No excuses. If you'd like now is the time to say any last words, brother."
  • "Uhahaha! Sorry, Marines!"
  • "Ow! Sorry, but it looks like I won!"
  • "I have... surpassed human intelligence!"
  • "Had enough of my body's secret power? Uh hah hah!"
  • "Uh hah hah! This is what you get for tricking me for so long!!"
  • "You're pretty unlucky to face this week's Franky!"
  • "You giant-headed, perverted jerk! ...Oops, I praised the enemy."
  • "You perverted prima-jerk! ...Oops, I praised the enemy."
  • "You're no captain. You're nothing but talk."
  • "We somehow held 'em off... That was close."
  • "Uhaha! Serves you right!"
  • "Uhahaha! Capture complete!"
  • "Okay, should we make camp here?"
  • "Mind if I have this? Oh!"
  • "So, you gonna eat me with that big mouth of yours?"
  • "You should stick to quietly repairing the ship."
  • "I might not normally win, but this week's Franky is super!"
  • "You sure are proud of your body, but it doesn't compare to mine!"
  • "Well Brook, as your senior, I guess you can practice with me."
  • "Ah well, as your elder, I guess I could let you practice on me."
  • "Who's the troublemaker? You or us?"
  • "No matter how hard you try, you can't stop with week's Franky!"
  • "I won't go easy on you. Don't complain if you get hurt."
  • "You just remodeled your chin and an arm? There's no way you can beat me."
  • "You want to start something with me, bud?"
  • "Whoa! Listen up, don't be shy! My name is... Mmm! Franky!"
  • "To follow the dreams and passions of men! The name of the practitioner of that is "Armored Me"!!!"
  • "Oh! I'm super ready! Nobody's gonna stop this week's Franky!"
  • "Uhahaha! Suuuupeeeer!!! I'm the most powerful cyborg in the world!"
  • "I'll protect this with my super skills."
  • "Hehe... You're a big help."
  • "Hmm! I'm back!"
  • "Those jerks...! They won't get away with this!"
  • "Hey, you gigantic, stupid fool...!"
  • "I'm outta fuel..."
  • "Hey, that territory is in trouble!"
  • "Ow?! Is this how it's gonna end... I can't believe it!"
  • "Case closed! Time to go back and relax!"
  • "Winning is on the menu for this week's super Franky!"
  • "We made it this far. We're super okay!"
  • "Uhahaha! Serves you right! This battle is mine!"
  • "Uhaha, super bad for you! I showed you again what a real man is!"
  • "Trying to take something from me? That's a super waste of time!"
  • "Uh hah hah hah! A super victory!!"

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