Frederick (FEW)
Character Information
Great Knight
Battle axe
Voice Actor(s):
Daisuke Ono
Kyle Hebert

Frederick (フレデリク, Frederik) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. He first appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening.

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  • "Any who attack the Ylissean royal family are my enemy."
  • "Did you underestimate me?"
  • "You weren't a challenge."
  • "Like clearing away a pebble."
  • "Clearing enemies from the battlefield is a lot like clearing pebbles from the path."
  • "I have merely tried to represent the knights of Ylisse to the best of my ability."
  • "Chrom? Where are you going? I can't just stay here if you're leaving!"
  • "I've failed you, Lissa. I'll regret it my entire life."
  • "I just witnessed greatness."
  • "I expected nothing less, milord. I hope I am still worthy to serve you."
  • "Lissa, I could not be prouder of your progress. You inspire me!"
  • "Outstanding tactics, Robin! I wish I could think as quickly on my feet as you."
  • "That was a skillful advance, Cordelia. You have no equal on the battlefield."
  • "Enemies tremble at your approach, Tiki! Well done."
  • "Well done, Lady Celica. Your wisdom may be our greatest asset."
  • "You've shown once again how critical you are to our efforts. Please be careful!"
  • "You flatter me...but I humbly accept your compliment."
  • "But...milord! There are always more enemies and pebbles to clear away!"
  • "Thank you, Princess Lissa. I will continue to fight for Ylissean honor."
  • "What does one have to do with the other, Robin?! Leave bear meat out of this!"
  • "What's your secret, Cordelia? Is it milk? You've been drinking a lot of milk."
  • "Thank you, Tiki. I treasure a compliment like this from you."
  • "I've just been doing everything I can to keep our people safe. Thank you."
  • "Hard work is easy when you're here by my side. Thank you for everything."
  • "I will not be a burden to you."
  • "I don't know what's in store for us here. Exercise caution."
  • "Having you here puts my mind at ease."
  • "I'll take the lead. Leave it to me!"
  • "Ah, now that you're here, everything is going to be OK."
  • "We can't lose you. I'm on my way over!"
  • "I shall repay this debt, milord. I'm sorry for causing you any trouble."
  • "Thank you, Lissa. You've grown into quite a thoughtful young woman."
  • "Sorry for the bother, Robin. Shall we team up?"
  • "Thank you, Cordelia. With you on my side, I fear nothing!"
  • "Sorry to have troubled you, Lyn, but you were a big help."
  • "Whew! That was a tight spot. Thank you for helping me, Anna."
  • "I was a hindrance. I'll try harder."
  • "Milord... I cannot tell you how proud I am to hear you say that..."
  • "But of course! My duty is to protect our side from danger."
  • "Robin, you're the keystone of our army. And I consider you a friend, too."
  • "At some point I hope you'll give me a lesson in spearwork."
  • "Well, thank you, Lyn. But your retainers are just as capable as I am."
  • "Thank you, Anna. I have trained myself to anticipate a need for my skills."
  • "I'm always much obliged to you."
  • "I've got your back! Focus on the enemies in front of you."
  • "This meets my expectations as a knight."
  • "Even I didn't know I could be this strong!"
  • "I will never surrender."
  • "Fight YOU, sire? B-but...WHY? This doesn't make any sense!"
  • "It almost seems like you're giving up before the fight has even begun!"
  • "Robin, I will do you the honor of trying my hardest to kill you."
  • "I won't go easy on you, Cordelia. Prepare to defend your life!"
  • "Enough talk! If you're my enemy, let's get down to business."
  • "I will not concede defeat. Even to you, Princess Caeda!"
  • "I accept your challenge."
  • "I feel the same way, milord. Please forgive me..."
  • "Please forgive me, Lissa. But I cannot go easy on you."
  • "How so? You already know all of my weak points, don't you?"
  • "And what makes you think I don't know yours? I won't lose, Cordelia."
  • "You're going to have to do better than that against me, Owain."
  • "I should expect nothing less, Princess Caeda. Do your worst."
  • "Milord, I have no excuse."
  • "I'm sorry, Lissa. Let's get a healer over here right away!"
  • "Robin, that was a good battle. Thank you."
  • "You're going to have to keep waiting if you expect to win, Cordelia."
  • "I didn't think it would be this close. You've come a long way."
  • "I may have trained hard, but your swordsmanship is a lot to overcome."
  • "Right. What should I do next?"



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