Frederick (FEW)
Character Information
Great Knight
Guardian Knight
Weapon Type:
Battle axe
Side Arm(s):
Voice Actor(s):
Daisuke Ono
Kyle Hebert

Frederick (フレデリク, Frederik) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. He first appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Role in GameEdit

Character InformationEdit



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Y, Y, Y, X: Frederick swings his axe sending a green tornado forward.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X:
A: Frederick charges at enemies at ramming speed, swings his axe up, raises his horse to have it rapidly kick enemies before swinging his axe down hard.
Spirit Rush: Frederick swings his axe wildly at enemies, then raises his horse before charging at them and cutting them away.

Notes Edit

  • Frederick uses a Lance as his preferred weapon in Awakening, though Great Knights exclusively specialize in axes in some games. His ability to use multiple melee weapons from his home series is referenced by one of his attacks where he briefly uses a sword and lance.
  • Guardian Knight is exclusive to Fire Emblem Warriors, the only promotion the class has had in Fire Emblem is Gold Knight.


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