Fujinaga Isshiki
Fujinaga Isshiki (NAIT)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Isshiki
Weapon Type:
Unit Type: Strong
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 2: Empires
Historical Information
Real name:
Isshiki Fujinaga
Japanese name:
一色 藤長
May 6, 1596
Death date is speculative.

Fujinaga Isshiki is Harunaga Isshiki's eldest son and a member of the shogunal military guard for the Ashikaga shogunate. After Yoshiteru's assassination, Fujinaga suspected the Miyoshi Trio would readily break their loyalties towards the weakened shogunate and ushered the confined Yoshiaki to safety.

When Yoshiaki was exiled by Nobunaga in 1573, Fujinaga sought refuge with his former comrade, Fujitaka Hosokawa. From here, records state he attended private meetings but did not participate in battle. He is presumed to have returned to Yoshiaki at an unspecified date. Legends state that he could be Ryoma Sakamoto's ancestor or one of the many who died for the Western Army.

Role in GameEdit

Kessen III presents Fujinaga as Yoshiaki’s right hand man and constant aide. He is utterly devoted to the shogun because his lordship was his benefactor during their youth. Compared to the blundering shogun, Fujinaga is a composed if pompous aristocrat and a sly schemer who works behind the scenes on his lord's behalf. He and Mitsuhide are the ones accredited to have orchestrated the multiple rebellions against Nobunaga within the narrative.

Although he coordinates his plans with him, Fujinaga greatly distrusts Mitsuhide; he jeers at the general and tolerates him only because he is a valuable asset to the shogunate. Fujinaga's suspicions towards him multiply when he becomes aware of the general's infatuations for Kicho. When Mitsuhide fails his assassination attempt at Honnoji, Fujinaga uses the opportunity to imprison Mitsuhide for alleged treason to reclaim his position as Yoshiaki's lone protector.

When Nobunaga invades the capital again, Fujinaga sets the city ablaze in an attempt to trap him. The plan fails, and he and Yoshiaki scurry away for their lives. With the hopes of restoring the shogunate to its former luster, Fujinaga is forced to admit he lacks the capability to deal with Nobunaga and consents to Mitsuhide's return. During Yoshiaki's proposition to renew relations with Mitsuhide, the general dully kills Fujinaga as a notion of his acceptance and payback for the nobleman's past treatment towards him.

Voice ActorsEdit


  • "Nobunaga! You will pay for what you did to his Lordship with your life!"
  • "We must rule the land!"
  • "I must regroup so that I may fight again for my lord."
  • "It is so painful, trying to oppose your own fate..."
"Your lordship..."
"Those you bear Shogun blood… are fated to see blood. My brother, my father, my grandfather, every one of the Shoguns, all met untimely deaths. I have fought my entire life just to escape this horrid fate. I shall not give easily! But..."
"Your lordship... I am ever at your side. There is a place... a bright and shining world… that is waiting for us."
~~Yoshiaki and Fujinaga; Kessen III