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Character Information
Allegiance(s): Sindhura
Rajendra (brother)
Karikala II (father)
Voice Actor(s):
Susumu Chiba
Non-playable character

Gadevi is a major antagonist in The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He has competed with Rajendra for the throne of Sindhura. Mahendra swore loyalty to Gadevi hoping he will lead Sindhura. After hearing that Arslan has allied with his brother, Gadevi sends his forces to Kaveri River to attack the alliance. At Chandigarh, Gadevi leads a battalion of war elephants to hopefully crush Rajendra and take the throne by force. Facing defeat by Daryun, he is rescued by Jaswant.

At Uraiyur, Gadevi pleads with his father Karikala II to punish Rajendra, and crown him the new heir to the throne. Karikala then proposes that the two settle successorship in a Duel before the Gods. For his proxy, Gadevi sends out Bahadur. When Bahadur loses his life to Daryun, Gadevi tries to hunt down Rajendra in a blind rage. Mahendra tries to talk Gadevi down and surrender, but the prince angrily and fatally injured the vizier. Later, as punishment for not accepting the will of the gods, Rajendra arranges a banquet for his brother before capital punishment. Gadevi tries to swear loyalty in an effort to save his own life, and blames Arslan for everything. Soon, Gadevi is beheaded and his head is placed on display.

Role in GameEdit

In Free Mode's "Clash with Gadevi's Army", Kishward defends Peshawar Castle against Gadevi's onslaught. In "Clash with the Parsian Army", Jaswant has to come to the prince's aid while he is fighting Kharlan.


Taking the loyalty of his men for granted, he treats his troops poorly.


See also: Gadevi/Quotes

Fighting StyleEdit

Gadevi shares the spear moveset, but uses a unique special move. He jumps into the air and throws his spear down powerful enough to knock enemies away.

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