This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Gadevi.

Arslan: The Warriors of LegendEdit

  • "Kah! You'll have to finish this battle without me..."
  • "I'm here to crush everything!"
  • "Hah! Out of my way!"
  • "Go! Shred every fool who resists us!"
  • "Uraaah! I cannot possibly lose!"
  • "You have become a true mardan, it seems."
  • "Most impressive. That's all I have to say."
  • "This is for you. I simply don't need it."
  • "I must prove my worth, as the next Raja of Sindhura."
  • "So, you've become a true mardan."
  • "That's the way! Continue to use your strength for me!"
  • "Use this to hone your skills. Then you'll be of more use to me."
  • "Just so you know, I don't look favorably upon failure."
  • "Kneel! I'm Gadevi, the next raja of Sindhura!"
  • "Curse your name! I won't forget this insult!"

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