Game Nihonshi Kakumeiji ~Oda Nobunaga~
GNK Cover
Developer(s): Koei
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: April 11, 1997
Genre: Tactical role-playing game, edutainment
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: n/a
Platform(s): Windows, Sega Saturn, PlayStation

Game Nihonshi Kakumeiji ~Oda Nobunaga~ (ゲーム日本史 革命児 — 織田信長, Translated: Japanese History Game: Rebellious Youth ~Oda Nobunaga~) is a simulation title based on Nobunaga's exploits, abbreviating his life by beginning with his first campaign and ending at Honnōji.

The character designer for the game is Kamui Fujiwara.


Gameplay is divided into two segments: a narrative phase and a battle phase. The narrative phase tells the story with fully voiced animated cutscenes.

The battle phase takes place on a grid-based environment. Victory conditions must be met in order to advance through the plot; they may entail from defeating all enemies to reaching a specified escape route. The player loses if Nobunaga is defeated or the turn limit is exceeded. Units consist of spearmen, cavalry, archers, muskets, warships, and pages. If a unit's troop count is low, its manpower will suffer as a result. Officers change units as the story progresses while some can perform certain tactics to hinder opponents.

A script-reading option and a database are also available. Completing the game unlocks the table of contents function, enabling viewers to replay any of the chapters they've seen.


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