Gaston (BBH)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Band of the Hawk
Voice Actor(s):
Kazuki Yao

Gaston (ガストン, Gasuton) is a minor character in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

Gaston is Guts's vice-commander within the Band of the Hawk who has the dream of using his earnings to open his own tailor shop. After the commanders receive noble titles for winning the regional war, Gaston retires and fulfills his dream. He hears that the Band of the Hawk are branded for treason by Midland soon after, so he closes shop to come to his comrades' aid.

One year of running for his life later, Gaston is part of the unit that rescues the imprisoned Griffith; when it becomes apparent that Guts will resume his search for his own dream afterwards, Gaston and the rest of Guts's unit plead to go with him. Before Guts can give them his answer, the Eclipse occurs. During the hellish massacre, Gaston loses his left arm and appears to have survived the demonic onslaught. Gaston lives long enough to reunite with a stricken Guts before a demonic parasite rips through his chest and decapitates him.


UnassOuming Gaston is a happy-go-lucky guy who treasures his friends and has simple joys in life. Gaston often voices the unanimous sentiments within Guts's unit. They admire him over Griffith; in their eyes, he will be their only commander. They have an undying faith in Guts, never doubting that he would return to the Band of the Hawk.


  • "Captain... wait for us...!! If we don't catch up to him soon, we'll be in trouble..."
  • "Uff... finally we caught up to him..."
  • "I too, need to show off my good side!"
  • "So this is the time to make some profit?"
  • "Did you save some for me?"
  • "Advancing!"
  • "I'm going to withdraw here."
  • "It's always a breeze when the Captain is with us!"
  • "Wha...what is that...?!"
  • "Looks like there's a strong one around..."
  • "It feels like we're inside someone's dream..."
  • "Raiders never run!"
  • "I'll be your opponent!"
  • "I request a duel!"
  • "Leave it to me!"
  • "I messed up..."
  • "They got me..."

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