Gelgoog (Gato)
Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY
Main Pilot(s): Anavel Gato
Height: 19.2 meters
Weight: 73.3 tonnes
Weapon(s): Beam machine gun
Beam naginata
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

MS-14A Anavel Gato's Gelgoog (MS-14A アナベル・ガトー専用ゲルググ) is a mass-produced Gelgoog tailored for Gato. He is said to have received the Mobile Suit in honor of his distinguished services at Solomon whilst under Dozle's fleet. Akin to the spirit of Char and Johnny's Gelgoogs, this ace pilot Suit receives a distinguishing blue and green tint. Its exact parameters and weaponry are unclear, since they change depending on the model kits and official sources.

Even so, there are several theories of it having special tweaks or adjustments. One of which lies with the manner of its rifle, often depicted as being larger or of a different construction than common Gelgoogs. Due to its shape and resemblance to stronger models, it has been thought to be armed with a refined beam rifle or machine gun. The firearm has been described to have been too large to be stored within an starship, so it was moored outside instead. Its naginata (or saber) has been shown as being longer than a Gyan's, an uncommon trait for most Gelgoog units. Most kits tint it a unique golden color.

The animated feature it originated from offers little to divulge these theories. Gato is never seen actually flying it on screen, only mentioned to have vaguely used it to fight bravely during the One Year War.

Battle DataEdit

Since it's a Mobile Suit utilized by a NPC and is exclusive to the first title, players cannot actually use Gato's Gelgoog for themselves. However, its actions in battle mirrored Char or Johnny's Gelgoogs. It's probable the designers desired to support the idea of Gato's Gelgoog possessing unique modifications to it since it didn't behave like the mass-produced Gelgoogs.

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