This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Ghirahim.

Hyrule WarriorsEdit

  • "Anyone who gets in my way must be dealt with..."
  • "Shall I show you what a demon lord can do?"
  • "I can't blame you for trying... But I CAN punish you."
  • "Let's just say this keep is MINE now."
  • "Very well, I'll spend some quality time with you."
  • "It looks as if this keep... is now mine. Ha!"
  • "Prepare yourself... Forward!"
  • "Ah, finally! An opponent worthy of a real challenge!"
  • "Oh? You DARE obstruct my path when I have someplace to be?"
  • "How dull. I was expecting more a challenge."
  • "There. This keep is now mine."
  • "My, my--I don't think I even need to get serious."
  • "Huh! Do you see your limitations, boy?! Perhaps... I may have overdone it..."
  • "Your chances against someone as powerful as myself are slim, so don't fool yourself."
  • "What's this? You wish to get in my way?"
  • "Finished so soon? Was I too strong for you?"
  • "Don't let a lucky victory give you a swollen ego!"
  • "I had really hoped we'd get a chance to meet in battle. I promise this won't be dull!"
  • "You've had enough, I presume? Then don't ever get in our way again."
  • "I can safely say I am victorious."
  • "How can such misery befall me...? This world... belongs... to my master!"
  • "That Volga, so full of himself. He forgets that it is I, Ghirahim, who leads the demon tribe."
  • "There's a presence inside this sorceress... Could it be...? No... Impossible."
  • "It's time to flatten the humans' base! And I may as well destroy some humans while I'm there!"
  • "Ah, it's you... Perhaps it's time I get serious. What do you think?"
  • "No... On second thought, it might be more fun to destroy them from the inside... Ha ha ha!"
  • "Who dares interfere in the works of Lord Ghirahim?! I must punish you most... deliciously."
  • "Very well. I shall give you my undivided attention."
  • "You will fall to your doom once my blade meets your heart!"
  • "Oh, my head was spinning for a moment there. I could have sworn we were enemies."
  • "Grrr... These fools are so insensitive... Volga! Make yourself useful!"
  • "You wouldn't dare forget about me, would you?"
  • "Though I could say I'd prefer you didn't struggle, we both know that's not true."
  • "Ganondorf reminds me of my lord, Demise... May his reign never cease!"
  • "Who are you? And WHAT are you wearing? Have you no sence of style?! Ugh!"

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