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Gideon Emery (born September 12, 1972 in Windsor, Berkshire) is an English actor and voice actor. He moved to Johannesburg, South Africa at the age of 4. He attended college at St. John's College. He furthered his acting education at the University of the Witwatersrand. He career truly began during his third year of acting school when a between scene comedy routine impressed the veteran actor Bill Flynn who introduced him to his manager. Now performing in full reoccurring roles, the first being a comedy routine Not Quite Friday Night, Emery eventually decided to focus his efforts on recorded media. To achieve this goal, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2003. He has had many acting and voice acting roles since then, including titles such as Burn Notice and Final Fantasy XII

Emery is proficient in speaking both British and American accents, allowing him to interchange them in his acting. This veritable skill helps him gain many character roles in both television and video games.

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