Gohma - HW
Character Information
Mutant Insect
Arthropod Cyclops Monster
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Beast
Useful Combat Items:
Bow and Arrow
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors

Arthropod Cyclops Monster Gohma (魔眼鎧殻種ゴーマ, Magan Gaikakushu Gōma) is a recurring boss in Hyrule Warriors. She originated from the very first game in the Zelda franchise The Legend of Zelda.

Role in GameEdit


Boss AbilitiesEdit

  1. Swings its right claw to slap the player.
  2. Spins using its left claw.
  3. Scoops a laser straight forward.
  4. Turns its eye and sweeps the ground with its laser.
  5. Shoots acid out of its bottom.
  6. Jumps high and tries to crush the player underneath.

Counter StrategiesEdit

External LinksEdit

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