Golden Harness (DW3)

Golden Harness image from Dynasty Warriors 3

The Golden Harness (不離手綱, Furi Tazuna, lit. Inseparable Reins) is a rare item found exclusively in Dynasty Warriors 3. What it does is prevent arrows from knocking the user off their horse or elephant. However, it does not reduce the damage inflicted by bow attacks nor does it work on melee assaults. Despite the limitations of this item, it still allows players to ride freely without fear of being interrupted within archer-infested terrain. Although the Golden Harness does not appear in any of the later sequels, its function lives on in the Shadow Harness.

How to UnlockEdit

  • Dynasty Warriors 3: Battle of Tong Gate; Wei Forces; Convince Han Sui to defect by killing two of Ma Chao's sub-generals. After defeating the other enemy officers, follow Ma Chao into the castle once he decides to retreat there. Doing this will cause the supply team carrying the item to appear.


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