Gregorio, whose full name is Gregorio "Siegfried" Wilhelm III (グレゴーリオ・ジークフリート・ヴェルヘルムⅢ), is the sixth enemy to confront U-1 in Gitaroo-Man. After U-1 defeats the Sanbone Trio, he walks into the Great Cathedral where Gregorio awaits him. He is voiced by Brian Matt Uhl in the English version and by Atsushi Kisaichi in the Japanese version.

While he looks composed and suave, Gregorio is the crazy and frenzied Gravilian warrior of the game. Known as the second strongest warrior of the Gravillian Empire, Gregorio prides his capabilities to the point of obsession. He loves beauty and cries out to God in the Japanese script. His Gitaroo is a pipe organ that he conducts to play from afar. Gregorio is said to have built the Great Cathedral around it to support his weapon, calling upon miniature angels to assist him. A fan on the official website asked why he screams, "Mama----!", but they weren't given a direct answer. It's implied that the cry was done to smash the stereotypical impression of "good-looking" characters.

When players explore the Collection menu in the game, he is the one voicing the commentary regarding each item that is selected.


U-1 starts the song on the offensive and uses his two Charge Phases early in the tune. Gregorio doesn't start attacking until halfway into the song, which may prove to be a little difficult to manage on the first try. He is generally considered to be one of the harder opponents on Master's Play due to the peculiar order of events in his stage.

When Gregorio is defeated, he magically levitates off screen while yelling, "I am beautiful!"


Tainted Lovers
used in stage 8.
A rock opera with U-1's Gitaroo sounding like a standard guitar.

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