Grunbeld (BBH)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Neo Band of the Hawk
8'10" (Giant form)
19'8" (Apostle form)
303 kg (668 lbs) (Giant form)
1644 kg (3624 lbs) (Apostle form)
Giant's Greathammer
Flamethrower Greatshield
Voice Actor(s):
Kiyoyuki Yanada
Also known as the "Great Flame Dragon"

Grunbeld is a secondary antagonist in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

Years before, it was said that Grunbeld defended against a Chuder invasion with 3,000 men. He was thought to have been killed in battle, but became the Dragon Apostle.

He soon confronts Guts just as he was attacking Flora's forest home. Grunbeld's hammer does seem to cause trouble for Guts at first, but golems help turn things around, forcing Grunbeld to use his Apostle form. Despite the gruesome injuries he sustained, Guts manages to escape alive.


Grunbeld is a prideful Apostle who admires his hammer and shield's built-in cannons. He desires to fight with honor, even if he resorts to last-resort tactics to do it.


  • "The Hawk will build a New World. In that case, I shall show my loyalty by defeating all who carry a grudge against him."
  • "The next battle awaits."
  • "Now I see that you are a worthy warrior as well. I would like to propose a duel to you."
  • "Very well! You will now learn the reason I am called the Great Flame Dragon!"
  • "I have come."
  • "I am being pushed back...?!"
  • "Thank you."
  • "This is how fights must be."
  • "Is there a foe fitting to the pride of a warrior?"
  • "This only makes it worth my while!"
  • "To meet death in battle is every warrior's long-cherished aspiration!"
  • "I am lucky to meet you here. I, Grunbeld, call upon the Black Swordsman in single combat!"
  • "For a warrior, nothing is more enjoyable than being able to cross swords with a formidable enemy."
  • "So you are the rumored Black Swordsman. As an Apostle of the Hawk, I will destroy you!"
  • "It has been my long wish to cross swords with you, Zodd. En garde."
  • "Splendid! You have won!"

Fighting StyleEdit

Grunbeld usually relies on a slow but hard-hitting three hit combo with his hammer. He can also swing his shield two times with it's revealed blades. He can even raise his hammer slowly and slam it hard. He will also ready his shield before ramming it at enemies. In addition, Grunbeld can set his shield up before shooting a powerful explosive.

In his crystal-dragon-like Apostle form, Grunbeld can stomp his feet, ram his head forward, and blast fireballs around the vicinity.


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