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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Guan Xing.

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

  • "I fight on in the name of my father!"
  • "May my performance instill fear in the enemy!"
  • "I don't want things to end just yet... What am I to do?"
  • "That was a well-earned victory."
  • "Where did I go wrong?"
  • "They caught us completely off-guard... I need to figure out how to deal with this."
  • "I suppose this was trying to be an ambush..."
  • "There's nothing more I can do here. I shall withdraw from this battle."
  • "I still have some fight left in me yet..."
  • "We have captured this position."
  • "The timing is right to commence an attack."
  • "We must do everything we can to defend this position."
  • "A most intriguing officer... I shall give pursuit."
  • "Our allies are engaging the enemy over there... Perhaps we should head that way too."
  • "That location looks interesting... Let's capture it."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "Your skills are very impressive... Well done."
  • "You... come here to help me? I thank you."
  • "I am curious where you obtained such skill. I shall be watching you more."
  • "I fear I am in trouble... Please assist."
  • "Father, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "I can now see why Father gets his nickname..."
  • "Father, you came... I am grateful."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Brother."
  • "I've always relied on you, ever since we were children."
  • "Let us fight alongside one another, Brother."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Suo."
  • "Great work, Suo. Father will be most impressed."
  • "Suo, you came... I am very glad to see you."
  • "Zhang Bao, you are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms."
  • "You never fail to impress... Great work, Zhang Bao."
  • "My apologies for burdening you... I still have much to learn."
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Yinping."
  • "Father would be very proud of you, Yinping."
  • "Yinping, lend me a hand. We can get through this if we work together."
  • "Allow me to be your opponent."
  • "You are alone? Is that some kind of new tactic?"
  • "Your skills are very impressive... I wish to fight you again."
  • "My mind... is completely blank... This must be the end..."
  • "There is no escape!"
  • "I see your weak point!"
  • "May my blade be true!"
  • "Your form is filled with holes!"
  • "I can anticipate your moves!"
  • "Let's see how you like this!"
  • "That went well!"
  • "That's not going to happen!"
  • "I was careless..."

Ambition ModeEdit

  • "I shall do my best."
  • "I won't allow you to set foot in this place."
  • "I am here to protect you."
  • "I shall protect you."
  • "Take this, it will help you recover."
  • "You're wounded... Use this, it will help."
  • "Could you please lend me a hand?"
  • "Good timing. I need you to lend me a hand."
  • "Thank you for your assistance..."
  • "You saved me... Thank you."
  • "I cannot allow anyone to pass..."
  • "This is the best time to execute this strategy..."
  • "I want to see your true strength."
  • "Guan Xing, at your service."
  • "I must do what is necessary to win..."
  • "In order to get things done, one must commit themselves both mentally and physically."
  • "You have impressed me with your skills... Please allow me to accompany you."
  • "I am drawn in by your strength. I with to fight alongside you."
  • "It is an honor to face you like this,Father... I hope to not disappoint you."
  • "Brother, you have always looked out for me. Let me show you how much I've improved over the years!"
  • "There is no need to hold back, Brother."
  • "I am not the child you think me to be. I shall prove this to you."
  • "I know how strong you are, sister... I will not go easy on you."
  • "Father, you are indeed the God of War... When will I ever reach your level?"
  • "You are still stronger than me, Brother. I will be sure to win against you next time."
  • "Suo... You have become very strong. I have nothing left to teach you."
  • "I don't blame you for worrying about me... I still have much to learn."
  • "I cannot even defeat my sister... I must train harder."
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