This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Gyūki.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "I can't get enough of the enemy's screams."
  • "You bring such beautiful pain and suffering to this world."
  • "We must not fall behind!"
  • "You fight well! The enemy cowers from you!"
  • "All right, let's make these pitiful humans quake in their boots!"
  • "No retreat! No surrender!"
  • "Please crush these impudent flies!"
  • "Let's smash these little pests!"
  • "I'm going to enjoy having you for dinner!"
  • "I'll crush you and send your soul to the netherworld!"
  • "I'll chew you up and spit you out!"
  • "Grr... How could this happen...?"
  • "I'll remember your face..."
  • "Aaarghh..."

Warriors Orochi 2 PSPEdit

  • "Gyūki smash!"
  • "Give up! Resistance is futile!"
  • "Roar!"
  • "I'll smash those that get in my way!"
  • "I live to hear the enemy squeal!"

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "All will be crushed in my path!"
  • "Wooo! Victory is ours!"
  • "I shall devour any enemy that gets in my way!"
  • "Knocked 'em all over!"
  • "Man, am I stuffed!"
  • "I thought I would keep this as a snack, but... I think you should have it instead."
  • "Great job!"
  • "Haha! There's nothing as sweet as watching others fail!"
  • "I devoured numerous enemy troops in the previous battle. However, I still hunger for more!"
  • "I've not been given a chance to go to battle lately... This must be some kind of mistake."
  • "Nothing makes me happier than fighting! I long to bring destruction to all!"
  • "It's a party! All I can eat! I'm so happy! No pork for me though..."
  • "Enemy officer devoured!"
  • "Hahaha! Cry! Scream! Tremble in terror!"
  • "Hahaha! Chaos is king!"
  • "Defeat means death... I'm not going anywhere!"
  • "This one looks pretty tasty!"
  • "Such fierce and violent fighting..."
  • "Excellent!"
  • "You saved me!"
  • "Thanks for coming!"
  • "I'll crunch you, bones and all!"
  • "That's enough for now..."
  • "Such fierce and violent fighting... The enemy falls back in terror!"
  • "Great work. I can't get enough of the enemy's screams."
  • "I'll owe you for this. Crush these dogs, smash them!"
  • "Thanks for coming! Let us crush and pulp these dogs together!"
  • "I'll crunch you, bones and all! I'm getting all slobbery just at the thought!"
  • "I like to savor my meals... I'll keep you for another day..."
  • "Most impressive, great leader! Next I hope to receive such praise myself..."
  • "Go wild, go wild! This battlefield is where you belong!"
  • "My apologies...! I will do better next time! Please, have mercy..."
  • "You came! Why, I could eat you up right now!"
  • "It'd be a shame to just kill such a warrior... I'm gonna slice, dice and eat you all up!"
  • "Too strong... I just wanted... a little taste...!"
  • "I'll flatten you!"
  • "Now you've done it!"
  • "I'll break you! I'll crush you! I'll smash you!"
  • "Hahaha! You'll be a pushover!"


  • "Crush them, crush them! ...But don't crush me, okay?"
  • "No mercy! I like it!"
  • "Hunh? You're here to save me?"
  • "No mercy! I like it! And if you have any strength to spare, give it to me!"
  • "Hunh? You're here to save me? Surely not..."
  • "Brilliant! The enemy will soon be flat as a pancake!"
  • "We'll do better, I promise. Just don't turn on us, okay?"
  • "Hmph! I'm going to crush you!"
  • "Hoho... not bad!"
  • "Ha! I will destroy you!"
  • "It is you who will be crushed!"


  • "Hah! At last, we can enjoy the chaos you seek!"
  • "Haha! Lord Hundun, you're super strong!"
  • "Urk! Lord Hundun... I... Y-You see..."
  • "Haha! Lord Hundun, you're super strong! I don't think anybody can oppose you!"
  • "Urk! Lord Hundun... I... Y-You see... I created an environment of chaos here just for you."
  • "Hah! I'm getting chills! This battlefield is awash in chaos!"
  • "Thank you, Lord Hundun! Your kindness knows no equal!"
  • "Gwahaha... You look delicious, Lord Hundun!"
  • "Gwah! You're tough... But I'm not giving up until I devour you whole!"
  • "Argh! At this rate, I'll be the one getting eaten! No! It's supposed to be the other way around!"
  • "Hrah! I don't mind if I do!"
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