Character Information
March 27
24 (at time of death)
183 cm (6')
Father (deceased),
Mother (estranged),
Futsuhiko (younger brother)
Soldier of Nakatsu Kuni palace guard
First Appearance: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4

Habarihiko (羽張彦) is a secondary character in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4. Although he is dead by the time the main story takes place, his character affects the game's main setting.

Role in GameEdit

Habarihiko was the eldest son of a family of high prestige within Chikushi. He was the first student to be admitted into Iwanagahime's tutelage, enrolling the same time as Michiomi. Shortly thereafter, Habarihiko excelled in his studies and training. He was the shining role model for the Nakatsu Kuni army and none could beat him in combat. During his service, he befriended Michiomi, Hiiragi, Kazahaya, and Oshihito.

Although he was particularly close to Hiiragi, Habarihiko was closer to Ichinohime. Disregarding traditions and their status, the couple mutually fell in love. When he was made aware that his lover wanted to save her kingdom from destruction, Habarihiko joined her quest to defeat the threat. With Hiiragi and Habarihiko's guidance, the trio traveled to Tokoyo no Kuni in secret, all the while dreaming of a future in which the couple could happily live together. Their wishes were not to be as Habarihiko lost his life in the battle against their nemesis, and Ichinohime perished to seal it.

The majority of Nakatsu Kuni thinks the couple eloped and fled the country for their affair. His younger brother bore the burden of restoring their family name in his absence. He is given various passing mentions throughout the story, and the player can see his figure in two flashbacks.

When the White Dragon restores the timeline for the final time, Habarihiko is mentioned to be traveling with his beloved. They are working to establish peaceful relations with the western mainland and are often away from their home, but the younger siblings feel that they are taking a vacation rather than taking their duties seriously.

Character InformationEdit


Habarihiko was made to be a character to add a sense of tragedy for Hiiragi's story. Developers also wanted him to be a mysterious figure of hope for Iwanagahime's students.


Optimistic and cheerful, Habarihiko was also popular with his fellow students. He was friendly to everyone and tended to childishly dote on the younger Oshihito. His easy-going appearance obscured a fearless and strong warrior who would never flee with fright. If he had any weaknesses, he didn't show them.

Character SymbolismEdit

His namesake is the sword Izanagi used to decapitate Kagutsuchi. Its full name is Ame-no-Ohabari (天之尾羽張). The sword is also called Itsu-no-Ohabari. The sword's name was later accepted to be a name for a deity who was involved in the subjugation of Toyo-Ashihara.

His symbolic color is wakakusa-iro. Its literal translation is "young grass".


  • "(sigh) The weather's too nice for studying. Let's do something else."
  • "Oh, look at this little guy. He just came outta no where. Wanna have some wild strawberries with us?"
  • "Kids these days. They're so serious. Life's going to be pretty boring if you don't enjoy your childhood."