Character Information
Faction: English
Unit Type:
Weapon Type: Long sword
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Cherbourg
Request Mission(s):
The Heirloom Brooch
Voice Actors:
Matthew Wolf (EN)
Takeshi Kusao (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
Henry V
September 16, 1386
August 31, 1422
Also known as "Henry of Monmouth".

Henry V is one of the kings who ruled during the latter half of the Hundred Years' War. He rose to political prominence during his childhood when his father usurped Richard II. He took part in the subjugation of Henry Percy's revolt and ordered several campaigns in France when he inherited the throne.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War calls him Hal (ハル) throughout the script as a reference to his portrayal in William Shakespeare's play, Henry IV.

Role in GameEdit

He is a mercenary employed by England.

Character InformationEdit


Hal is a gaudy mercenary, foul-mouthed, and rough. He loves to quarrel and fight, and is a natural born fighter.


  • "You would seek to best me in battle? How amusing!"
  • "Why not return home now, lest you hinder real warriors!"
  • "You have come to my aid? I thank you."
  • "Impressive. Now allow me to better your efforts!"
  • "The field of battle never fails to send the blood coursing through my veins!"
  • "Does this battlefield hold no-one who may afford me a real challenge?"
  • "Argh... How could I have been so careless..."
  • "I could while away the entire day felling such idiots!"
  • "This place is ours now!"
  • "Slaughter them... slaughter them all!"
  • "Here they come. This should prove somewhat diverting."

  • "Lord Hal! You really must desist. You must stop risking your life on the front line."
"And how, pray, should a fight in the rearguard afford me any diversion?"
"Why must your criterion for judging all things be founded on enjoyment?"
~~Richard Beauchamp and Hal

Historical InformationEdit


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