Character Information
Allegiance(s): Impel Down
World Government
August 28th
Pitchfork (double-bladed naginata, Kessui)
Voice Actors:
Tetsuo Goto
Non-playable character.

Hannyabal (ハンニャバル) is the Vice Warden of Impel Down then later Warden. When the massive pirate breakout started in the jail, Hannyabal attempts to stop the escapees, after he was impersonated by Bentham. He attempts to fight Luffy using his double-bladed naginata Kessui believing Ace's execution will make the world better. Suddenly, he is knocked away by Marshall D. Teach.

Years after the massive breakout, Hannyabal becomes Chief Warden.

Role in GamesEdit

In one of the DLC stages of the third game, Hannyabal attempts to stop a breakout, and is seduced by Boa Hancock to her side.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hannyabal normally carries a pitchfork which can change into the double-bladed naginata, Kessui. The naginata can be set on fire to permeate enemies.

External LinksEdit

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