This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Hannyabal.

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "On behalf of my chief, I sentence you to death to protect our citizens' future!"
  • "This is a hell-fortress! No one shall pass!"
  • "The Vice-Warden of Impel Down is here to help!"
  • "Here I go!"
  • "Don't make me laugh! I won't be blown away that easily!"
  • "Don't underestimate the power of Impel Down's Vice-Warden!"
  • "Let me show you what I got! Yaaahhhh!!"
  • "You've got no place left to run!"
  • "I lost... but I know the chief is at fault here!"
  • "I can't become chief like this... Better run for now."

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "What? My fault?!"
  • "In this case I must become Chief Warden! No! I have to use my trump card!"
  • "Don't make me laugh! If I could be blown away that easy I wouldn't be Vice-Warden!"

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "This battle decides it... I'll show you my skill as Vice-Warden!"
  • "Wipe away these societal rejects!"
  • "I'll protect the bright futures of the weak common people!"
  • "I'll stake my life on becoming Chief Warden... Oops! I mean, on this fight!"
  • "Whether at a disadvantage or not, if we lose, who takes the blame?"
  • "Retreat! I can't be Warden if I'm dead!"
  • "Wha-?! We can't let such a dangerous person run free! That's the Chief Warden's responsibility!"
  • "Oh, it looks like I won. Maybe you're not qualified as Warden? What a shame."
  • "I'm going too!"
  • "See? I'm getting serious now!"
  • "I'll fight too!"
  • "My ambition stops for no one!"
  • "If I win this, being Warden isn't just a dream..."
  • "I, head of Impel Down, claim this... Oh, wait! I got ahead of myself..."
  • "Yes! I hope I can be Chief Warden now..."
  • "Hey, poison-face over there! Hurry up and give up the Warden's chair to the Vice-Warden!"
  • "This isn't over yet! See what a Vice-Warden of the Great Prison can do!"
  • "Alright! Press on for the Chief Warden's seat... Uh, I mean, press on and corner the enemy!"
  • "Alright, now to assist my allies!"
  • "Awesome! I'm gonna be a great Chief Warden! I mean, that's great action!"
  • "Nice work! But I hope you don't get appointed Chief Warden!"
  • "Maybe if I lay the blame for this on the chief I will be appointed Chief Warden..."
  • "Strong, proud, and the most beautiful in the world! Pirate Empress Boa Hancock!"
  • "You always were the empress of my heard, Hancock! ...Oops!"
  • "Will you be mine if you lose? Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself."
  • "Fight to protect the weak and helpless! We can't let these villains win!"
  • "Oh, no! Quick. I've got to become chief... No. I mean, I've got to do something quick!"
  • "I might have some liability issues after this fight."
  • "The Chief Warden's chair is mine! Ah! I mean, this territory is mine!"
  • "Dregs of society! I'll defeat you for the helpless masses!"
  • "I also need to do well here, to be Chief Warden quickly...!"
  • "I really want to be Warden! Wait! I mean, I work hard as a Warden!"
  • "Looks like my beauty's been active! Well, she's not quite mine yet."
  • "She's kind of my type! A brainy beauty with glasses!"
  • "You're performing very well."
  • "Warden Hannyabal... Wait, I meant Vice-Warden Hannyabal will help!"
  • "Oh god! She is exactly my type!! A healthy, young cutie."
  • "You're performing very well."
  • "Yes! I get to be Chief Warden! Oh, wait! I was wrong! Oh well!"
  • "Here we go! Hanya Carnival! Burn away, you criminals!"
  • "Stop! When I say you're not getting away, you don't get away!"
  • "No matter how many of you there are, you're not getting past me!"
  • "A failure. I'm no closer to the Warden's office..."
  • "Ow! That hurt as much as my desire to be Chief Warden!"
  • "I'm gonna die! Dammit! I'm gonna die!"
  • "Ah! I will be Chief Warden! No I mean, thank you very much!"
  • "Yes! I get to be Chief Warden! Oh, wait! I was wrong! Oh well!"

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