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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyoushou
Developer(s): Ruby Party
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Flag of Japan: April 1, 2005
February 14, 2013
Genre: Romance adventure
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO: CERO B Rating
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyoushou (遙かなる時空の中で-八葉抄-, Hachiyoushou roughly translated as "Excerpt of the Eight Leaves") is a remake of the first game. It was repackaged to tie into the eponymous animated TV series adaptation's broadcast. The anime has been localized into English by Bandai Visual USA as Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time - A Tale of the Eight Guardians; it keeps the original audio with English subtitles.

The Premium Box includes an original character CD book and postcard. Consumers who purchased the game from Gamecity Shopping received a printed slip. Hori offered a Hachiyoushou memory card.


General gameplay remains with the following alterations.

  • Portraits for every character and bosses have been redone. Battle portraits for the guardians have been redrawn with new key poses and animations. Vengeful spirits and sealing lose their animations in favor of the still image floating effect used in the third title.
  • Every guardian receives a third "Hachiyoushou" ending with new still images to cater to them. When the player meets these conditions with a character, his vanilla route remains the same until the ending.
  • Akram has a romance route in this game. His default portrait has been altered to have him unmasked.
  • Select story and character events are now fully voiced.
  • Still images have been recolored with smoother colors, shadows, and highlights.
  • The opening movie has been altered to a re-cut version of the TV animated series's intro using the vanilla game's introduction music.
  • Music has been remastered.



Load from a previous save. Twenty total save slots.

New GameEdit



Includes a gallery, music selection, in-game dictionary, and extra side stories. Gallery includes any still images and animated movies the player has earned in their playthrough(s). Extras from the original return with four new side stories. Character portraits can be unlocked upon completely unlocking a character's events.


Adjustments for text and skipping speed. Muting options for music, sound effects, and voices are available. If these options are changed before a new game, they will automatically be in effect.

Game PreviewsEdit

Promotional videos for Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 and Dynasty Warriors 5.

PSP ChangesEdit

The PSP remake differs from the PS2 version by including:

  • 100man-nin no Harukanaru Toki no Naka de character portraits and redrawn event images replace the originals —excluding protagonist's expression icons.
  • A new bonus event for characters exclusive to this port.
  • Voices have been added for event images in the Bonus section.

The Treasure Box edition includes the same PS2 Premium Box merchandise with a complete character databook, an original illustration, and an Akram badge and CD message. Gamecity Shopping held a limited time shopping campaign with this game and Geten no Hana which thanked consumers with character postcards.


  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de History - repackaged with three other Haruka titles.
  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Premium Box Complete - Premium Box of the PS version repackaged with five other Haruka titles
  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Maihitoyo Twin Pack - repackaged with Maihitoyo.

Related MediaEdit

A guidebook was published for this game, and a trading card CARDDASS MASTER set by Bandai used to be on sale. Free samples of the fan made four panel comics can be read online at Gamecity.

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time - A Tale of the Eight Guardians is a 26 episode two-cour animated TV series produced by Yumeta Company (TYO Animations). The TV series is roughly based on the comic adaptation until the second half of the series. Kenichi Ohnuki, the same animation director for the game and Ajisai Yumekatari, returns to do the character designs with Kyoko Ohtani. The opening and ending songs were performed by the series's voice actors. Haruka, Kimi no Moto he... is the opening and flowin' ~Ukigumo~ is the regular ending song. Four character image songs were used as the credits song for three character centric episodes.


External LinksEdit

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